Cuomo Gets Devastating News in Nursing Home Death Investigation

Few brothers are more iconically buffoon-ish than the brothers Cuomo, but it appears that the elder of the pair might be soon seeing his reign of terror come to an end. The somehow elected Andrew Cuomo got himself into some serious hot water after not only lying about the deaths of the elderly but brushing if off like the death of so many Nana’s G-Pas and other cherished elderly was nothing to concern himself with.

And the bad news keeps rolling in for Cuomo who has recently gotten the news that the U.S. Department of Justice has reportedly subpoenaed material related to a book that New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo wrote during the pandemic that caused him to be lauded as a hero.

Cuomo’s book materials apparently could hold the key that investigators have been looking for to tie up their investigation into the coronavirus-related nursing home deaths.

“Prosecutors working for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn asked for communications related to Mr.Cuomo’s October 2020 book, ‘American Crisis,’ including contracts and materials used to pitch the book to publishers, the people said,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “They said the subpoenas indicated prosecutors are interested in nursing-home issues in the book, which more broadly recounted the governor’s response to the pandemic.”

The recent scandal was quite an annoyance to Cuomo who couldn’t have related any clearer that he felt he was above dealing with his distraught constituents, something that didn’t at all help his public relations.

It was in February, the month when everyone is thinking about the people they love, that the families of the elderly that fell victim to Cuomo’s negligence, heard that prosecutors had launched a criminal investigation into how the Cuomo administration handled nursing homes and long-term care facilities during the pandemic that he wrote his book about. The altogether warranted investigation was powered by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who didn’t pull any punches with her report from late January where she pointed out that the Cuomo administration was grossly underreporting the nursing home deaths by around 50 percent

In March, the Wall Street Journal reported that there was an investigation into Cuomo and his administration, citing the nursing home incident as the primary cause:

“Nursing homes were included in a provision giving liability immunity to doctors, hospitals and their executives, as well as healthcare workers on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak last spring, surprising some lawmakers and healthcare officials,” the report said. “Federal prosecutors’ examination of how nursing homes came to be included in the immunity law is part of a broader probe into the Cuomo’s administration’s actions regarding nursing homes during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

But Cuomo’s troubles are only just kicking off. The Guardian reported in May of 2020 that Cuomo’s “political apparatus got a last-minute boost” during his 2018 primary race from “a powerful healthcare industry group” which “suddenly poured more than $1m into a Democratic committee backing his campaign.”

But wait, there’s more. Just when Americans thought the news about Cuomo couldn’t get any better, it became a twofer. That’s right folks, two irate Cuomo’s for the price of one.

According to The Daily Wire, the virtue-signaling politician has also mired his petulant political justice warrior brother into the mix, with federal prosecutors announcing that they’re also investigating whether his brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo and other close associates priority access to coronavirus testing during the early days of the pandemic.

And all of this without even touching the numerous and seemingly credible accusations of sexual misconduct that are multiplying like bunnies.

All-in-all, it’s not a great week to be a Cuomo, but honestly, what week is?