Crooked Dems Are Selling Committee And Chairman Seat Positions?

Democrats continuously do things that they shouldn’t and, then, quickly point the finger to someone else so that the blame doesn’t fall on them. They try to act innocently when something comes up about what they’re doing. The innocent “who me?” act isn’t fooling anyone.

A document from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee shows that committee seats are being “sold” for $550,000 and chairmanships are going for $1.8 million.

Want to know how Jerry Nadler became the head of the House Judiciary Committee? Don’t think for a minute that the man who wants to blame everything that goes wrong with the country on Trump earned the position. Nope, he bought his way into that chair position.

According to the DCCC, Democratic leadership is expected to fundraise and donate specific amounts to the party. Those who fundraise the most are rewarded with the more impressive committee and chairman positions. Wow, that doesn’t sound shady at all.

Quite a few of the committees that deal with money and regulation see quite a bit of bank from the lobbyists. As such, they have to pay “dues” of $600,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Beyond the dues, fundraising in the amount of $1.2 million is a must. No wonder the Dems are so quick to get upset when they lose the majority. They’re afraid they’re going to lose their cash cow at the same time.

The dues of other committees, the ones that aren’t associated with as much corporate cash, are not as steep – but they’re still worth quite a bit of money.

Even the subcommittees require the Dems to ante up if they want to play. This means that you can take a look at the House Dems and what committees and subcommittees they sit on.

Those that have the most lucrative positions are paying good money to sit where they sit – and the connections they have are giving them the money. They’re the problem on Capitol Hill, the ones responsible for turning Washington DC into a swamp. They’re career politicians with nothing better to do than to line their pockets with money from lobbyists.

The Intercept recently reported that Members of Congress who do the fundraising and pay their dues get the better committee assignments. They get the favorable treatment of being able to author legislation, too. And if a member doesn’t pay their dues and don’t do the fundraising? Yeah, good luck getting any bills or amendments to the floor for a vote.

This is all great news for Americans who think that they’re electing Representatives to focus on the needs of Americans. Instead, it turns out to be a game of who can raise the most money. The ones with the money right now want to focus on impeachment. Those who want to look at real issues don’t have the money to get the votes to the floor.

Since they’re accepting money from lobbyists, the real deal is: who can be the most crooked Dem of them all? It’s like a real-life version of the Wicked Queen: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, who’s the most crooked of them all? In this response, the mirror would likely reply that it’s not fair to choose just one.

Only 11 members have paid their dues for 2019-20, and the DCCC is struggling to raise the cash. It might be that they have spent so much time trying to impeach Trump that they haven’t been doing their job – or even working to be crooked for the lobbyists who want to throw cash at them.

As for AOC and the rest of her Squad…they haven’t paid their dues yet. That means you’re not going to see Ocasio-Cortez leading up any committees anytime soon because she’s not paying to play. She’s loud, but that’s not enough to warrant any importance in the House.

Pelosi, one of the most crooked Dems the country has ever seen, has fundraised $43 million. She’s definitely working the system. As for the congressmen from the poorer districts, they’re completely out of the equation.

Although members of the Congressional Black Caucus have raised concerns, it’s not making a difference – and some lawmakers are resigning from the House because they can’t deal with the crookedness any longer.

The “pay to play” focus that the DCCC has created sounds like it’s what’s creating the swamp. Somehow it’s being allowed, but it’s likely because they’re the ones that made the laws in the first place.

As long as they keep fundraising, they’ll have the power to do what they want – and that’s a scary situation for Americans.