Genius! COVID Survivor Told He Can’t Fly Trump Flag So He Did This

With the liberal left always on the prowl to make sure President Trump doesn’t get the credit or praise he deserves, the right has had to become pretty resourceful. And no one proves to have done a better job at this than Florida resident Carlos Gavidia.

Gavidia and wife Laura were recently diagnosed with the infamous and fast-spreading coronavirus after visiting a hotel restaurant in Aspen, Colorado, on a ski trip.

The 53-year-old Peruvian American explained his illness as “Fever, body aches, extreme migraine total exhaustion, wiped out.” He went on to say that “Laura had no fever, but was totally wiped out, she just lays in bed. I don’t even get out of bed except to go to the bathroom, you get diarrhea the entire time and lose your sense of taste.”

However, both he and Laura didn’t have to suffer for long.

After hearing about the Trump-approved drug combination of hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin or Z-Pak, the couple quickly acquired the medication. And much to their relief, they bean seeing positive results within days.

Gavidia told Voice of America, “I don’t know why they say it doesn’t work because it does.”

After the two regained their health and strength, they made a conscious effort to help the cause in whatever way possible. Carlos has offered to donate plasma for research, as well as encourage others to consider taking the medication that helped Laura and get well.

In addition, the Gavidias wanted to thank their president for approving the drug combo and working so hard to keep Americans safe. Their idea was simply to fly a Trump 2020 flag on the dock outside their Florida home.

However, a few of the neighbors and apparently their homeowner’s association didn’t approve. According to The Palm Beach Post, Admiral’s Cover HOA contacted the Gavidias and let them know that the flag must be removed.

But like any proud American, Gavidia was not to be deterred.

Instead of kowtowing to the HOA’s strict rules that oppressed his right to display his love of country, Gavidia sent his 42-foot-long boat off to get wrapped.

Watch as he brings the watercraft back from its recent improvements.

As you can see, the boat is wrapped with a star-spangled and wears the word “TRUMP” in large capital letters along the side.

Talk about making a statement.

Naturally, his neighbors, especially the ones who complained about the much smaller statement of a flag in the front yard, didn’t like his boat’s new visage. However, there is little they do about it. The HOA has no authority over the design of a homeowner’s ship, just like they can’t dictate what Gavidia drives on the roads.

But Gavidia’s praise for Trump didn’t stop there.

In addition to making a personal statement, he decided to organize what he calls a “Trumptilla” or a pro-Trump boat flotilla. With Gavidia leading the way, he and about “six or seven hundred boats showed up” for the parade from Jupiter to Mar-a-Lago, each one flying the Trump flag.

The event was given near national coverage, earning Gavidia quite a bit of fame. He has been asked to appear on Fox News a few times since the Trumptilla. And President Trump has even personally mentioned him both on social media and in the press.

But for Gavidia, it was never about himself.

Instead, “It’s been all about President Trump” and the nation he is honored to call home.

Gavidia, like so many hardworking Americans, immigrated here with his family from Peru as a child, becoming a legal US citizen in the 1990s. But unlike some, he didn’t take his newly found freedoms for granted.

Instead, he built his own American dreams, starting out as a humble street vendor in Washington and working his way up to eventually running a credit card processing firm. Gavidia is the epitome of what America is: hardworking, never giving up, and a man proud of his country and his freedoms.

And he isn’t about to let those freedoms be trampled on. Not by the HOA, his neighbors, or even the government.