Could the DNC Choose Cuomo Over Gaffetastic Biden?

As the global pandemic of coronavirus continues, the United States is seeing several leaders step up to the challenge and make things happen for the nation’s benefit. And one such leader just might find himself rewarded rather greatly for his efforts, possibly even given the Democratic nomination.

No, it most certainly is not current frontrunner and former vice president Joe Biden.

Enter New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo, who considered a presidential run a few years back, seems to be at the top of his game and, unlike several other state and local leaders, is handling the pandemic amazingly well. Well enough, in fact, that members of both parties could see him swaying the DNC to choose him over Biden at a brokered Democratic National Convention.

To understand the why behind this possible decision, one only has to turn on the news and listen to him speak. In a time when things are as chaotic as many of us can ever remember, he is calm, collected, and, unlike Biden, mainly gaffe free.

Biden has been largely absent since coronavirus hit the nation. And as he is one of those most at risk due to his age, that isn’t entirely shocking. However, as the Democratic frontrunner, one would expect him to be making a real effort here to prove his worth. But all he has given America is more proof that he simply shouldn’t be running much of anything, let alone one of the most powerful nations in the world.

Biden’s recent virtual town hall on March 13 was a train wreck, and his first COVID-19 “shadow briefing” on March 23 wasn’t any better. Gaffe after awkward gaffe was pretty much all that was seen. And when his teleprompter died, things got really bad.

This is not an easy time for any leader, and Cuomo’s state is one of the worst to be hit with about 60 percent of all US cases. But he is handling like a champ. He’s getting things done, calling in the Army Corps of Engineers, offering mortgage relief, and making sure he instructing the public about what is going on and how they should handle it on a daily basis. He has even humbled himself to ask for assistance from President Donald Trump, a man who seldom agrees on his political viewpoints.

In fact, he has been in front of the camera, giving hope and instruction to the masses, so much during the past few weeks, many are calling him the face of the effort to end coronavirus, putting him above even the White House.

But how would Cuomo even get the nomination? After all, it’s not like he is actually running for it.

The most likely possibility would be at the convention since Biden is unlikely to drop out on his own. The trick would be for Biden only to earn less than 50 percent of the delegates and make sure Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders doesn’t either. Then, with neither receiving the majority of delegates, Cuomo could sweep up the Superdelegates in the second round.

But would Cuomo even go for the idea?

As I mentioned before, he has previously thought of a run for the White House, so the logic of it isn’t out of the question. But right now, in the midst of this global pandemic?

Democratic strategist and press secretary to Andrew Yang’s 2020 campaign Erick Sanchez say he doubts the idea has “even crossed (Cuomo’s) mind, neither now nor at any point this year.” And that may be true. With all that is going on, Cuomo has little time but to be dealing with the present.

But as the pandemic loosens its grip on America and things begin to return to “normal,” that may change. As Sanchez added, “his leadership right now will be rewarded in the short and long term,” and the people of New York will likely be more than happy to elevate his position. Even one of Trump’s closest advisers, who remains anonymous, thinks it could happen, saying, “I’m convinced he’s going to try.”

However, on the chance that he would go for it and that he wins at a convention, it’s unlikely that he would win against Trump. With Cuomo’s shady political career and months left before the November election, Trump would have plenty of time to dig up enough to make the governor look bad, further ruining the Democrats’ chances.

Probably better if Cuomo sits this one out…