Corrupt China Has a Big Choice to Make

For decades China has violated the rights of various people groups within their borders. They fight hard to silence any objection to their government or the corruption that floods its borders.

They fight hard to keep Christianity out of its borders and to keep anyone from coming in and influencing their people. They have severely mistreated people and now they are being called out on it by President Trump and people of the United States.

Both chambers of Congress highly supported a bill that was passed to protect human rights in Hong Kong. President Trump is expected to sign the bill very soon. This bill is called the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

The bill is aimed at supporting the protestors that are being arrested at Polytechnic University for expressing their views on democracy. President Trump and the Republicans are in full support of freedom for all people that want it.

Even the stupid Democrats got their heads out of the dirt long enough to come along for the ride. Pushy Pelosi stated that “Today, the Congress is sending an unmistakable message to the world that the United States stands in solidarity with freedom-loving people of Hong Kong, and we fully support their fight for freedom.”

Marco Rubio, who is the Republican Senator from Florida, is the one that brought the bill up.

He stated that “The U.S. House has just passed our #HongKongHumanRightsandDemocracyAct. It’s now headed just an @Potus signature away from becoming law. A powerful moment in which a united, bipartisan coalition made it clear that we #StandWithHongKong.”

This kind of support started with the Republicans and the president. The Democrats had a come to reality meeting and decided for the sake of their campaigns to support this bill.

This bill makes it possible for the secretary of state to verify that Hong Kong is still autonomous, so they can enjoy trade with the United States. Trade with the United States has set the city apart from the rest of China.

The communist nation has all but starved freedom from within its borders. And now they are trying to do it in Hong Kong. Sanctions would be imposed for any violations of human rights.

Corrupt China has a big choice to make. They must leave freedom alone or pay for it in the end with more sanctions. Their economy is already starting to suffer from the many tariffs that now plague their industry.

The trade deal that President Trump is working on with them is key to China seeing any kind of relief from the tariffs. But they are being stubborn like they are always and do not want to submit.

President Trump has stated that “We continue to talk to China. China wants to make a deal. The question is: Do I want to make a deal? Because I like what’s happening right now. We’re taking in billions and billions of dollars.” China was quick to respond stating the point that they did not like the bill. In a threat, the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that “China will have to take strong countermeasures to defend our national sovereignty, security, and development interests if the U.S. continues to make the wrong moves.”

China continues to act like they are the elite standard for mankind. They believe that they can play god on every level and control people’s lives through fear and intimidation. They have gone after its citizens trying to quiet down and put down any opposition to the corrupt government now in place. Lawmakers are also looking to pass a bill that would keep companies from selling crowd control ammunition to China, so they cannot use them against their protestors.

Corrupt China has a lot to learn about the way that they treat people. They think that just because they have billions of people that they can push everyone around. What they are about to lose is control of their country. Freedom spreads and the people want freedom and not oppressive control. The leaders of China should be afraid of their population that is about to turn on them.