Conservative “The View” Host Says She Won’t Be Voting for Trump Again

Christopher Sciacca /
Christopher Sciacca /

As with most TV shows, ABC’s “The View” has at least one host who is supposed to represent the more conservative side of America. But how conservative and in touch with the nation are you if you won’t even consider voting for Trump again, even if pitted against Biden?

Enter “The View” host Alyssa Farah Griffin.

If you haven’t heard of her, it’s likely because, like me, you don’t waste your time considering what the liberal women of “The View” think, so don’t watch the show. However, you might have heard of her predecessor Meghan McCain.

Like McCain, Griffin was added to the show to make it appear as if the show has at least someone with a conservative lean, no doubt to make it seems as if the show in its entirety isn’t progressively biased. But if you thought McCain was a RINO (Republican in name only), Griffin is even worse.

The proof of this comes to us as Democratic and dementia-ridden President Joe Biden has now officially announced his run for a second White House term.

Naturally, this has everyone talking about the chances of a 2020 rematch between him and former President Donald Trump, as Trump has made intentions to win the GOP nomination clear for some time now.

To that end, the girls of “The View” were discussing what they thought about it all on Wednesday. Naturally, you would assume that as the show’s only so-called conservative member, she would talk about how she’d definitely vote for Trump again or at least how she’d never vote for Biden.

Instead, she practically said the opposite.

The group discussed the two sides of the aisle’s recent campaign ads. As usual, Biden’s focused not on his accomplishments (of which he has none) or even what he plans to do during a second term but rather on just how dangerous the GOP, and more specifically, Donald Trump, is to the nation.

According to the ad, the Republican Party threatens women, elections, and even books. As expected, Biden’s campaign aimed directly at the culture war they claim the right wing is pushing.

To be fair, the GOP’s rebuttal ad wasn’t too dissimilar. It, too, was aimed at just how bad things would or could become should the Biden White House be allowed to continue.

To this, “View” host Joy Behar remarked that the GOP seemed like nothing more than a bunch of “Debbie Downers.” While Griffin didn’t exactly agree, she rebuffed that Biden’s ad made a point of looking forward to a 2020 rematch and that the GOP’s move would be to target “abortion rights” and “LGBTQ individuals.”

Then Griffin was asked point blank if she would vote for Trump or Biden in a rematch.

This is what she said. “I’ll never vote for Trump again. I’ve been clear on that. I would tend to write in. I don’t think I should have to change my Republican values because two parties are putting up options that I don’t like.”

Ok, well, I can certainly agree with that to some degree. I mean, there will always be voters who don’t really like either option on the ballot, often leaving them feeling as though they need to “change” their values to fit one or the other.

However, most, I would say, usually choose the person who aligns the most with those values or who best represents them, despite not being an exact match.

As a Republican, one would assume that this would mean Griffin would choose Trump, as it’s unlikely that Biden would align with any of her supposed values.

But here she is saying that she absolutely would not vote for Trump. Instead, she will write in someone’s name who has no shot at winning and essentially waste her vote. And for what? Because she doesn’t like him.

If this proves anything, it’s that she isn’t a true Republican. She doesn’t care about what the country needs or what it wants. If Trump won the nomination, wouldn’t that mean he was America’s GOP choice?

And yet, she won’t even consider voting for him, even when placed against a nursing home-bound and known liberal man.

So much for “The View” having any real conservatives represented.