Communist China is Doing More Than Releasing Balloons

Dilok Klaisataporn /
Dilok Klaisataporn /

It turns out the Chinese aren’t just flooding the US with balloons.

Recently, the US Border Patrol (BP) has noticed a tremendous uptick in the swell of illegal immigrants coming to the US through Mexico. Speaking to Fox News Channel during February 10th’s episode of “Special Report,” Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz discussed the changes in numbers for January.

Pointing to their use of their aerostat tethered balloons (irony), said they are “certainly an advantage for us. And so, we’re going to try and do everything we can to fund those aerostats for as long as we can.”

With President Biden attempting to defund and remove the program, a lot of American ground will be left uncovered and unprotected should this funding be removed.

As proof of their usefulness, Ortiz also discussed how they saw “a significant decrease in what we saw last year, and we were also able to decrease the gotaway numbers significantly. So, those are the numbers that we want to trend in the right direction.” Given the news of the last few years, you would think Biden would want to keep the aerostat program and ensure the BP has all the funding it could need.

Fox News National Correspondent Griff Jenkins then broached the topic of the Chinese invading the border, with Ortiz confirming their presence. Jenkins asked about the loss of the aerostat in the sky, and Ortiz’s disappointment is near palpable. “Any time we have technology out there, it provides us the situational awareness so we can be able to make those interdictions right on the border — in the immediate border area. It is certainly an advantage for us. And so, we’re going to try and do everything we can to fund those aerostats for as long as we can.”

Just looking at the surveillance of the aerostat is incredible. The clear images and zoomed-in data from TV and movies are a reality through this system. The cameras and the options it comes equipped with could do some real damage to illegal immigration if the BP had the numbers to patrol properly. Instead, these illegals can time the limited patrol scheduling, and sneak through in between sessions.

Despite sounding like the plot of a bad cartoon, it’s the reality of the situation, and with the Chinese now joining in with the terrorists, drug cartels, and career criminals already slipping over, this is now a severe problem. While these groups all have very different end goals, the threat of them working together to attack the southern border is something many have worried about for ages.

Given their recent venture into the weather balloon business, China now not only has increased their intel gathering techniques, but they have also shown the cartel how to get something over the border quickly. Given the lack of attention paid to the sky for these balloons (as evidenced by the Chinese), now the cartels have a new tool for smuggling massive quantities of drugs. With how long it took them to shoot these down over Canada, there is little likelihood they would even consider it over Mexico.

Having China attacking by air and now land, many are wondering when they will start coming by sea. While many have been discovered coming in containers on ships (an incredibly dangerous journey), they typically come over to Canada and then cross into the US, provided they don’t simply stay there. Traditionally, the Canadians have been more accepting of the Chinese. They welcome them to set up camp and open new restaurants or stores, the Canadians are more accepting of this immigration, as well as their customs.

However, all of that was then, and this is now. Watching the country being invaded with Joe Biden as the President is a scary predicament to be in. While VP Kamala Harris wouldn’t be much better, good ol’ tapioca brains is setting us on the tracks to get run over by the communist train, and his lack of action tells us all how much he is welcoming them in.