College’s New COVID Restrictions Are So Insane They’re Medieval

Students of all ages are headed back to school with varying restrictions being placed on them. Some can sit in class and not have to worry about regulations and facial diapers. But others attending Amherst College are facing invasive measures that are set to violate their healthcare choices. Their right to choose has been stripped away by local socialists looking for power.

The college is boasting of the strictest regulations found anywhere in the country. It has become a bragging point for them as they face a new school year. The socialists running the school have bought into the lies from the Democratic Party and want to make students miserable as they sit through their boring liberal tainted classes.

The school’s leaders are scared to death of the Delta Variant. This new line of the COVID virus is turning out to be just another cold virus that will affect people each time it mutates. But it does not mean that new restrictions need to be imposed on people.

The nasty administrators are going to require students to wear double-masks while inside school buildings. They will be required to keep them on or be told to leave.

Students must also endure two COVID tests when they arrive. And they will be required to take two tests a week. They cannot get together in large groups and certainly will not eat their meals in the cafeteria. They are making it nearly impossible for the students to eat and dwell on campus. And yet, they also have instituted severe travel restrictions.

The school’s report also stated that “Upon arrival, students will receive both a PCR test and a rapid antigen test. The college has decided that in accordance with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), anyone who has tested positive for Covid will be put into isolation for 10 days in either designated dorm rooms or at home for students and staff respectively.”

The nasty part of the orders includes no remote learning opportunities. They are quick to make the students miserable and even slower to offer any learning help. Once a student gets COVID, they are on them to seek help and keep up somehow with the workload. The school socialists are sitting back and laughing at the students as they struggle to learn.

Employees are also subject to invasive efforts to contain a virus that is politically charged. The school stated that “Amherst will require all employees, faculty, and students to wear face coverings while inside campus buildings — regardless of their vaccination status, according to an email sent from Martin on Aug. 16. The masking requirement was enhanced as of Aug. 24: all students must double-mask (wear two pleated filter masks on top of one another) if they are not wearing a KN95 mask in classrooms and other academic spaces operating at 100 percent capacity.”

People living on campus are going to have to wear facial diapers inside their residence halls. The only place they can take them off is in their rooms. And if those numbers reach 25 or more, the masks must be put back on.

Travel to the city is limited as they will be required to remain imprisoned on campus. The only time they can leave is when they need to transact business. All students must remain in their dorm room cells until school officials give their liberal blessings.

The Amherst students also have to pay $70,000 a year to have their faces covered with double masks. The students have voiced their disapproval and are asking for the restrictions to be changed. But in every liberal-controlled area, their demands are falling on deaf ears.

The school is overkilling the mandate and recommendations set by the CDC. Double masking is highly discouraged because of the trouble that it can cause. The CDC mentions that wearing more than one mask will not lower the chances of catching COVID.

The disposable mask is not supposed to be worn tight around the face. It is to be left loose and only be worn for a short period. But the school wants students, students, to wear them every waking hour. The socialist mentality of the school is hurting people and is only going to damage enrollment in the coming months. There will be a price to pay for their insanity.