CNN Town Hall Completely Backfires – Trump Comes Out More on Top Than Before

TY Lim /
TY Lim /

As 2024 draws closer, we’ve officially entered the phase of ongoing town halls and candidate interviews. But one just held by CNN undoubtedly didn’t go as planned. In fact, it completely backfired on the liberal news outlet.

If you haven’t heard, CNN held a town hall featuring former president and 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday night. Naturally, as with anything CNN does, the idea was to push their liberal-backed agenda and, in the process, ensure that Trump’s chances of winning another election were greatly diminished, if not all out obliterated.

But that’s not at all what happened.

Instead, Trump completely “TOOK COMMAND” of the situation and proved to the nation that he’s still very much the favored GOP candidate.

As expected, it became apparent right out of the gate that the whole event was made to be an attack on Trump, one in which CNN’s Kaitlan Collins would bring up rather damning “evidence” and instances that Trump would have a hard time explaining or getting out of.

But as all of social media noted, either CNN is just that bad at their job, or Trump is so “masterful” that all the event did was boost Trump’s reputation and make him even more formidable for the political left than before.

In fact, as Trump’s campaign wrote in an email following his amazing Wednesday performance, CNN just did the GOP front-runner a massive favor – so much so that a new name for CNN has been suggested.

“His CNN town hall was so masterful that many are now saying CNN should be renamed TNN – The Trump News Network.”

Of course, the campaign also immediately came out with corresponding “TNN” t-shirts for sale.

It’s laughable, to be sure, at least for those of us on the conservative side.

For those on the left, the exact opposite can be said.

Of course, there were plenty of social media users even more angered that Trump had once again bested them. But more often than not, the complaints were directed not at the former president but at CNN itself.

Take liberal New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for instance.

She noted that CNN “should be ashamed of themselves.” According to her, this was the perfect opportunity to put Trump in his place. And yet, the media outlet so poorly handled it that it lost “total control” and allowed “disinformation, defenses of Jan 6th, and a public attack on a sexual abuse victim” to be “manipulated.”

She also correctly pointed out that the audience loved Trump during the town hall, noting that they were continually “cheering him on” all while “laughing at the host.”

Of course, she’s right.

The disgusting 1619 Project’s Nikole Hannah Jones also was in shock at how poorly CNN handled the whole thing, saying it was “unbelievable” that an outlet like CNN was “running this.”
I mean, how could they have messed up this big?

And by big, I mean that just about everyone on the political right is currently singing praises to CNN.

Just a momentary scroll through social media will give you hundreds of posts that read, “Thanks CNN. Trump’s back,” as one Twitter user wrote.

Or the even more exclamatory “Donald J. Trump just won his THIRD Presidential Election tonight… Thanks CNN!”

Now, to be clear, we are still a long way off from November 2024, when Trump could, in fact, win another four years in the White House. Hell, we are even a long ways from the primary elections where he could win the GOP nomination.

But one thing has just been made clearer than ever: Trump isn’t going anywhere, and he still holds a great deal of popularity among the American people. And currently, he has CNN to thank for that.