CNN Reporter Got What was Coming to Him at Riot

A CNN reporter was arrested while he and his crew were reporting on the protests and violence that was coming from the Minneapolis area. Omar Jimenez was in the wrong place at the right time. CNN and its reporters present a very lopsided view of the news.

They seem to delight in giving only the liberal side of the story. They love to criminalize the innocent and vindicate the guilty. And on the matters on social injustice they use the story to incite violence and unnecessary protests.

Jimenez presents his side of the story as another victim of ruthless law enforcement officers. The protestors are using the murder of a man at the hands of police officers as their reason to riot and violently protest in the streets.

Jimenez was at the scene promoting the event like it was some kind of party. He maintains that he offered to change locations and move at the request of the officers. But then he states that they moved to arrest him on the spot.

CNN reporters have a reputation of being combative and violent with their mouths when confronted by law enforcement officers. As he protested being told to leave he stated that “We’re speaking with state patrol right now, give us a second, guys. We can move back to where you’d like. We are live on the air at the moment. It’s the four of us, we are one team. Just put us back where you want us, we’re getting back out of your way – just let us know. Wherever you’d want us, we will go, we were just getting out of your way when you were advancing through the intersection. Just let us know and we got you.” He missed the point of the police. He needed to leave and not just relocate.

Jimenez was arrested because he was not following the instructions of the police. Reporters are notorious for not pushing the envelope and not following directions. They believe that they are above the laws of the country and can be anywhere they want. But that is just not the case. Reporters have to obey authority regardless of what they are doing.

CNN has tried to promote a racial attack by the police against Jimenez. They are guilty of trying to excite the public against the police. Jimenez was not just there to report the news. He was there to get arrested.

CNN stated that another “white” reporter was there and was left alone by the police after he stated who he was. CNN is quick to state that “Josh, it’s impossible not to note the difference. You are a white guy, Omar Jimenez identifies as black and Latino. … It’s just impossible not to note the difference here.”

To further their insidious attack on the police and push their racial sins they stated that “A CNN reporter & his production team were arrested this morning in Minneapolis for doing their jobs, despite identifying themselves — a clear violation of their First Amendment rights. The authorities in Minnesota, incl. the Governor, must release the 3 CNN employees immediately.” Jimenez had an agenda to push and he did it very well. He got what was coming to him when he was arrested.

The liberal media is on the lookout for stories that they can manipulate to their favor. They have an anti-American agenda that is set by the Democrats to destroy the country and the president. Jimenez purposely placed himself in an area with the intent of being arrested simply to get a racial profiling story. His actions are not that of an American. They are of a person that has no respect for the authority of any kind.

The treatment of the media for people of rational minds is very deceptive. They attack innocent people to perpetuate fake news. The president knows exactly how to handle them.

He does not back down and hits them with the truth every time. The media is the single most dangerous force aside from the Democrats that the country faces. President Trump knows that to make America great again the media has to be exposed as a terrorist force.