Clown Crashes Impeachment Circus

To go along with the fact that the Dems are turning Capitol Hill into a circus over the next week with the impeachment hearing, a drag queen decided to show up in order to live stream the whole thing. Pissi Myles is a drag queen, singer, and hostess. She showed up in a vibrant red dress with a cell phone attached to a selfie stick.

Myles is planning to live stream from the hearing via Twitter. Since the impeachment hearings are public, she has just as much right to be there as anyone else. She was scanned through security in order to make sure that she didn’t have any additional surprises on her.

She started live streaming on Wednesday and will continue each day until the impeachment hearing comes to an end. She is doing the stream for Happs News, a social media-centric organization.

When Myles arrived at the hearing, she didn’t simply walk in. Many news outlets identify that she “sashayed” into the place, ensuring that all eyes were on her. Even if she didn’t walk the walk, she would have been noticed with her red stilettos as well as her blonde coiffure.

She has been full of comedic tidbits since entering Capitol Hill. She identifies that she’s been called “the lady in red” as well as “Ruby Giuliani.” The latter, she says, is offensive as she doesn’t want people to assume that she’s taken one side or another with this whole ordeal.

There are quite a few news-worthy gems that she shares on the live feed. She says that there’s a lot of significance about the testimony of the day. With so many people talking about quid pro quo, she said that it was better to hear some of the testimony and see how people are so divided. She also says that it’s the most “polarizing political activity” that she’s seen in a while.

Pissi Myles certainly stood out from the many who were in suits and ties. The drag queen is the winner of the Philly Drag Wars and has spent a number of years performing around the northeast, including Pines on Fire Island, an LGBTQ destination in Long Island.

No one has identified that Myles was anything less than respectful throughout the hearings. She bumped into Jan Schakowsky, an Illinois Democratic Representative. The Rep was wearing a red suit and tucked herself under the arm of the drag queen for a selfie that was soon posted on Facebook with the caption “So glad Pissi Myles and I were matching.”

The appearance of Myles may have been one of the most newsworthy aspects of the impeachment hearing. Heidi Przybyla of NBC News tweeted a photo of the drag queen, who also hosts a podcast known as “My Gay Spooky Family.” Przybyla followed it up with a comment about how someone asked if there’s anything that surprises her in DC anymore.

David Ayllon, the husband of Pissi Myles, said that the startup app Happs recruited Myles at his Barracuda show on Sunday because they wanted a comedian who was capable of improv on the spot while providing the news in a comedic way. Myles fit the bill, and she looked the part when she showed up in Capitol Hill, too.

With so many news outlets covering the impeachment hearings, it’s likely that many are going to focus on Myles since that blonde wig can be spotted from across the room. This will help to put the spotlight not only on the drag queen’s career but also on the startup app that she’s covering the hearing for. It’s unclear as to whether Myles will be live streaming the impeachment for more than a few days.

C-SPAN has certainly gotten more than a few shots of Myles, especially as she went through security where a security guard scanned her bouffant. Alexander Kacala of The Fayme Report even posted a picture of Myles, identifying that it was “seriously relatable content.”

Pissi Myles has been very clear that she is not taking one side or another when it comes to the Trump-Ukraine impeachment hearing. Instead, she has taken a bipartisan approach with her reporting – something that is highly refreshing in today’s media. Plenty have been tuning in to see what she is live streaming as many people want to see what is going on with the impeachment hearing without depending on ABC or NBC to give it to them. There’s simply not enough trust in today’s media and Myles is a fresh approach to it all.