Chinese Ran Lab in CA Was Full of COVID Strains, but Officials Refuse To Condemn the Illegal Operation

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As the only full-time city code enforcement officer in Reedley, CA, Jesalyn Harper came to investigate vehicles parked at the loading dock of a cold storage warehouse. Upon her arrival, she was greeted by an overwhelmingly foul odor and saw a garden hose leading inside the old building.

When she knocked, she quickly learned that they were from China in broken English. Taking stock as she looked at the place, she discovered dozens of illegally connected refrigerators and other equipment. In addition, she reported blood and urine in jars everywhere and over 1,000 lab mice in crowded nasty containers.

After being provided the phone number and email of the owner from China, she was quickly asked to leave. This launched investigations at the federal, state, and local levels. After learning that the lab is owned by Prestige Biotech Inc., a company registered in Las Vegas, they claimed all was good.

However, some parts of this are massive cause for concern in addition to the owner being Chinese and their attempts to keep everything secretive.

Located just 200 miles southeast of San Francisco, a follow-up inspection in March resulted in the discovery of infectious agents being stored in their refrigerators. This included E. coli, coronavirus, malaria, hepatitis B and C, dengue, chlamydia, human herpes, rubella, and HIV. Somehow, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) blessed this. They claimed nothing was illegal, and there was no risk of bioweapons being made.

The company went silent and stopped responding to requests. State and local officials moved in to shut down the lab and euthanize the mice as well as decontaminate the area. In July, though, Mid Valley Times, a local publication, quoted court documents that showed that Prestige Biotech had told officials back in March that the mice had been modified to catch and carry the virus for COVID.

Despite all this information, no official will go on record and say this is wrong. They won’t shame the owners or admit they put the people at risk. Given the propensity of theories that explain that the jab was a way to infect a massive amount of the US population with other diseases, including HIV/AIDS, this should be incredibly worrying to the American people.