Chairman Abruptly Suspends Subpoenas for the Biden’s

Senator Ron Johnson, who is the Senate GOP Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, has suspended the subpoenas for the testimonies in the Biden case.

Democrats have put a small damper on the plans to move forward with the case by saying the subpoenas are politically motivated.

As former Vice President Joe Biden has taken the lead in the primaries, Democrats are using this excuse to delay the process for as long as they can.  Since Biden is all the Democrats have to settle for in the race, they are putting up roadblocks in the trials, but it will not stop the investigations.

Democrats are saying the subpoenas would work in Russia’s favor to interfere in the 2020 election.  There is no evidence of this, but the GOP will play along for a brief time as it gives more time for those involved to build a stronger case.

An hour before the vote was to take place to follow through with the subpoenas, Johnson announced he was going to postpone the subpoenas for Andrii Telizhenko.  Telizhenko is one of the top nationals who represented Burisma.  He also worked for a US lobbying firm Blue Star Strategies.

To play the cards right, Johnson says they would rather subpoena the firm, and by postponing the subpoenas, it is “out of an abundance of caution and to allow time for [senators] to receive additional briefings.

Johnson added, “My concern is they have not been cooperative.  If we can get all the records, get all the answers, that’s great. If not, we’re going to have to continue and use other measures.

Johnson’s primary goal is to have a bipartisan win for the subpoenas as two of the usual GOP Senators are crying about how they are uncomfortable with the process.  Rob Portman and Mitt Romney are the two problems within the GOP.

Romney was the first one to jump up and claim the move was politically motivated as he was wishy-washy throughout the entire process.  Eventually, he said he would vote in favor of issuing the subpoenas, but we all know he cannot be trusted.

Portman was not as outspoken as Romney, but he did express his concerns in private about what may come out of the mouth of Telizhenko.  Both have ties to Burisma through their staff.  Could it be they both have something to hide?  It obviously speaks volumes.

Portman refused to answer the question if he would vote in favor of the subpoena.  All he said was when Johnson postponed the vote was, “I think he’s made the right decision.”

Romney also gave his two cents worth of praise and said, “I applaud his decision to take a close look at this and to see if we could find a proposal that meets with the support of both parties.”

Reporters asked Johnson if he would get the votes needed to continue marching forward with the subpoenas.  He replied, “Yes, at some point.  It is what it is.  We will continue to iron out the discrepancies that were raised over the last couple of days, and I can’t really get into much more than that.”

So, the idea of Romney and Portman is to keep the fire off of them for the time being.  Maybe they are thinking of a way out of this, but there is no way out.  Delaying this process only will build a more durable case and possibly have them giving testimony as well.  Karma would come full circle if that were to happen.

Some Democrats are actually in favor of the investigations.  Though the Democrats have a bad reputation at this time, some are interested in finding out the truth and working with Johnson.  Senator Gary Peters is one of them as he is on the committee and one of the top Democrats.

Peter’s stated, “I appreciate the chairman’s willingness to work with me and all of our committee members regarding significant concerns about foreign election interference.  I look forward to working with Chairman Johnson to get these intelligence community briefings for our committee members. In the meantime, our committee should focus on addressing pressing threats like coronavirus to keep Americans safe.”

Then again, there is that dreadful word, the “coronavirus.”  It is another excuse to get to the bottom of corruption and let justice have its day. One thing is sure, the day is coming when there will be no more delays.