CBS Pushes More Fake News – Edits Voter Comments to Fit Their Narrative

It’s no secret that mainstream media, whether they will admit it or not it is politically biased. And most, since President Donald Trump’s election in 2016, have a strong inclination to lean to the left. CBS News is no exception, even if they try to keep it pretty well under wraps most of the time.

Well, this week, they epically failed at hiding their intentions.

The topic of coverage was the highly controversial Wisconsin primaries.

With the nation operating in some form of organized chaos, many states with upcoming primaries have decided to delay those until the coronavirus is dealt with or at least until the spread has died down some.

Wisconsin was one that was considering this. But Democratic Governor Tony Evers insisted that the vote go on as planned. That is until the day before Tuesday’s scheduled statewide election. On Monday, the governor decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest if the election or at least in-person voting were delayed until June. So he made an executive order to do so.

But it was denied. GOP lawmakers in the state rose a stink about it, taking it to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where, as you likely know, the order was blocked.

And so the election went on as planned, amidst the virus and the social distancing it requires. And it was a mess.

Naturally, Democrats, including the Cheese State governor, placed the blame on Republicans. Evers claimed that their action was forcing citizens “to choose between exercising their right to vote and staying healthy and safe.”

And while he is right to some extent, the GOP legislative leaders of the state were involved, if he had decided to delay earlier than the ninth hour, of the last day, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

Evers said in a statement on Tuesday, “Although I remain deeply concerned about the public health implications of voting in-person today, I am overwhelmed by the bravery, resilience, and heroism of those who are defending our democracy by showing up to vote, working the polls, and reporting on this election.”

Naturally, CBS News and other outlets were there to back Evers up and distort the truth to fit their narrative, namely that all of this is Trump and his party’s fault.

When they reported on the Wisconsin polls, asking for voter’s comments about braving the public to vote. One such woman was RoseMary Oliveira, who said that she was proud to do her part.

“I have food, I have water, I have a lawn chair, I have a mask,” RoseMary Oliveira said. “I have come down here today and risk my life to vote and I’m happy to do it because that is my right… I’m here, they’re not going to stop me from voting.”

Her message, as written above, was aired on the local CBS station. However, when it came to air it on the much more prominent and nationally broadcast CBS Evening News show, the network cut her off right after she admitted that she was risking her life.

Nothing was said about her wanting to be there, despite the risks. Not a word was mentioned about her bravery and willingness to stand up for our rights. Instead, the message most of the nation heard was that because the GOP pushed back, this woman’s very life was being threatened.

I wonder why they do such a thing…

Could it be for the same reason that they aired misleading footage of an overwhelmed hospital in Italy not once, but twice?

Last week, when talking about the devastation of the coronavirus outbreak in New York City, the network showed some footage that showed NYC’s hospitals to be in absolute chaos. Only it wasn’t in New York; the footage was actually from a hospital in Italy. When this was made public knowledge, CBS admitted to their mistake, calling it an editing error and promising that it had been taken care of.

Then, this week, the same exact footage was used as the backdrop for a story about a hospital in Pennsylvania.

The network also produced another story this week about a nurse who resigned because of the lack of supplies and PPE in her workplace. This, too, was found to be complete nonsense.

Clearly, CBS is trying to push the narrative that things are way out of control and that President Trump isn’t handling them, which is just as clear, not accurate.