CBS Admits to Posting Fake Pictures on Purpose

First, it was CNN that took the words of the president out of context on purpose. Now, it is CBS trying to pass off pictures that were taken in an Italian hospital as being from New York.

The media will stop at nothing to push fake stories on a crowd of people that rely on them for accurate reporting. If the reporter from CNN had not been called out by the president, his lie would have never been brought to light.

CBS deliberately chose to use the pictures from the hospital in Italy because they wanted to create panic within the American people. CBS and the other major liberal networks love drama. Their main desire is to create trouble for people to react to.

If they can get the people of New York to panic, then they will have a lot of stories to report on as the city heads to the streets in mass panic and violence.

But CBS was caught trying to pass off fake news once again. They call it a “mistake” but the public calls it deliberately misleading the American people.

One person from CBS said “It was an editing mistake. We took immediate steps to remove it from all platforms and shows.”

The only reason they took it down was that they had been caught in a lie. Had no one challenged them with the truth, they would have left it up as real news.

CBS tried to publish the news on a different path that had the same footage. Except it backfired in their faces. The report on New York City was to create fear and anxiety in people. Instead, it created that fear in the publishers of the media giant. Sky News is the channel it was originally broadcasted. One person stated that “This is the main hospital in Bergamo, in Lombardy province. It’s one of the most advanced hospitals in Europe.” But, CBS confused everyone when they used the same news for New York.

They did the same thing a year ago when they tried to pass off footage of a gun range in Kentucky as a fight between the Syrian Kurds and the Turks. These two groups have been shooting at each other for some time.

The pictures of the gun range had purposefully been placed over a battlefield image. Viewers immediately saw the intent to mislead and exposed CBS for the frauds they are. CBS apologized for that “mistake” as well.

People can forgive mistakes, but they should not forget that CBS does these “mistakes” on purpose. They want to report on news that makes for good ratings. Right now, everyone is inside so there is nothing to report on. So, they are trying to invent stories to boasts their ratings.

The pictures that were used were the same in both stories. Viewers were able to see the same equipment with the same screen locked in place in time because of the photo. There is no doubt that when viewed side by side they are the same picture.

CBS simply wanted to create panic and overwhelm the New York hospitals. The liberal news is trying to hurt the United States with their fake reporting. People can no longer trust that what they are seeing or hearing about is the truth with them.

CBS wanted drama and it just was not happening in the New York hospitals. What they were wanting to see was people sick and dying as bad as they were in Italy. It just goes to show that things are not as bad in America as people are being led to believe by the media.

The country still needs to listen to the president and minimize interaction. But they should not be listening to the lying media.

The American people have learned how to expose CBS and the other agencies by following the lead of President Trump.

He does not allow them to get away it. He calls them out in front of everyone else with the intent of exposing them as the fakes they are. They work for the Democrats and do their bidding. All to destroy America.