Can Pelosi Now Reign in “the Squad”?

Now that the debacle of the Mueller Report and hearing is behind us, it’s high time House Speaker Nancy Pelosi get control of her party and finally reign in “the squad” once and for all.

In recent months, it seems that the Democrat party’s main goal was to impeach President Donald Trump, except the House Speaker. Most of the ridiculous calls for such have been led and orchestrated by the far-left group known as “the squad.”

And Pelosi’s job in the wake of such uprisings has transformed into the role of a mother hen, trying to her young chicks back in line and remain in control of the roost.

But she has not succeeded as of yet, and the barnyard is a mess as a result.

The question is now that the chance of impeaching Trump is over, will she be able to get the job done and retain some sort of dignity for the Democratic party that has all but flown the coop?

The small group threatening the existence of the party founded by Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson is made up four of the youngest and greenest members of Congress with the loudest mouths.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, while being very charismatic and displaying a sickening kind of self-confidence, strongly advocates for open borders, anti-capitalism, social medicine, and climate change deal that states the world will end in 12 years unless air travel is abandoned.

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar runs Cortez’s flank with anti-Semitic remarks, comments that America should “be afraid of white men,” and duplicitous tweets about deporting Americans from a country she says she doesn’t really even like.

Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan in close comparison, also doesn’t seem to appreciate her American citizenship, claiming she is “more Palestinian” than ever. She like Omar has also tweeted deportation accusations, saying “Deport this a – hole” referring to Trump.

And the lesser-known and vocal Representative Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts, who is much less rude and outgoing than her closest mates.

Each has proved little of their abilities besides talking a good game on social media and getting attention. Yet, the group has demanded the attention of the whole House and the nation with their racially charged, anti-Semitic and socialistic remarks.

And while calling out the president or their Republican counterparts is something not unheard of from the Democratic party, the most recent rantings of these four have been so far to the left and so out of character for the party, that it makes many of them, including Pelosi, appear to be right-leaning (almost).

Pelosi, as the party’s leader, has to get a handle on these women and their antics soon if the party is going to survive. As it is now, it’s being torn apart from the inside over, making enemies within their own caucus. The face of the party is those women at the moment, and it’s not a good look, no matter how attractive any of them appear on the outside.

Just last week the party nearly exploded when Omar, Tlaib, and Cortez sided with a measure that would have destroyed one of America’s longest-standing allies, Israel, and made anti-Semitic tropes.

With those four in control and steering the party further to the left, everyone knows it won’t be long before the moderate Democrats, and swing voters in the general public will reject their claims of open borders, socialism, and grounding all airplanes.

And according to recent polls, they are already half-way there. Squad leader, Ocasio-Cortez, while being passionate, young, and attractive, has an approval rating of only 22% because of her claims of the world ending in 12 years and the promotion of anti-capitalism, which our nation was founded on. The poll very clearly shows that “swing voters deeply dislike Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”

And it doesn’t look good for the ant-Semitic Omar either. Her approval rating was much lower, coming in at a dismal 9%.

It’s time for the adults to take back control of the House.

Then again, if we allow them to just continue on their leftward slide, it will be hard to prove that Trump isn’t the man for the job in the 2020 elections. As it is, the Democrats are going to have a hard time convincing most Americans that they really don’t want Israel to be abandoned, air travel to be abolished, and insurance to no longer be a choice of the people.