Can Minors Have Abortions in IL?

The loony left has no sense of right or wrong left in their party. The state of Illinois passed an abortion law that is being considered by many to be the most progressive bill in the country that allows for the murder of unborn babies.

And yet there are still murderous liberals that believe the bill is not good enough because they want minors to be able to murder babies without having the consent of their parents. But they must have permission to give blood.

The Catholic News Agency, which is against abortion, has stated: “Illinois lawmakers have announced their intention to repeal the state’s parental notification law for abortions for minors.” What a sad day to be from the state of Illinois. To become one of the first states to allow kids to murder kids.

Idiotic Emanuel Welch said “I’m going to try to get this repeal bill done in veto session if we can. If not, I’m certainly going to go back to it in January.”

He is definitely in a rush to allow kids to kill kids. Right now abortion centers have to inform parents two days before an abortion can take place. This gives them time to counsel their child and to help them seek an alternative path.

Most of Illinois is considered to be a conservative state. The problem is that the state has a lot of rural population that does not match the Chicago population which is mostly murderous liberals. Cut Chicago out of the picture and Illinois would be a Republican stronghold.

The anti-American ACLU has praised and endorsed this decision by lawmakers of Illinois saying, “We need to trust youth in our state to make the health care decisions, without forcing them to risk their health and safety.”

Teenagers do not have the stability of mind to decide who lives and who should die. Many of them are emotional wrecks that need counseling themselves to make it to adulthood. And they are to be trusted with their own healthcare?

The ACLU is a group of idiots that cannot see that their own actions have caused more harm and hurt than good.

Vermont is the only other state that allows abortions to happen for a minor without parental consent. This kind of freedom opens the door for teens to do whatever they want. What is to stop them from killing another child already born just because they do not like them?

Minors need the supervision of rational adults to help guide them to adulthood. They do not need dorky Democrats opening doors for them to step through that they are not ready to handle.

The Democrats in Illinois need to wake up and see the harm that they are causing to the next generation. Teens are not ready to make life and death decisions let alone deal with the regret of such decisions later on in life.

The state of Illinois is groaning in pain under the leadership of the liberal left. Most of the rural population is tired of being used and forgotten by lawmakers in Springfield.

The state is losing people and businesses at an incredible rate. This kind of legislation certainly is not going to attract new people to the state. The Democrats are living in their own little utopia and are failing to see that their state is falling apart.

They are just months away from bankruptcy as a state and there is no indication that they are trying to scale back their spending. Instead, they are looking for easier ways to murder people and get away with it.

The Supreme Court is going to have to make a decision regarding the fate of the unborn soon. State lines are being drawn up on the issue of abortion just like they were back in the days of slavery.

At some point, the issue is going to reach a tipping point and someone or some branch of government is going to have made the decision to allow killing in the form of abortion or to make the practice illegal.

The president and vice president and the Republicans have all indicated that abortion is wrong and should be illegal. It is the loony liberals that keep messing it up saying murder is just fine with them.