California Liberal Justice System Strikes Again: Arrests Nut Thief but Lets Rioters Go

California doesn’t seem to be consistent when it comes to arresting people. Their liberal justice system picks and chooses based on what the crime is and who is committing it.

Riots can happen in the street. Businesses can get looted. Police officers can be attacked. Meanwhile, no convictions are made because California believes that prisons are bad.

Well, apparently California cares more about their nuts than about their citizens.

Alberto Montemayor was recently arrested for allegedly stealing over 42,000 pounds of pistachios valued at over $100,000.

What would a trucker need with so many nuts? He was suspected of attempting to resell the 21 tons of pistachios as they were found in smaller bags.

Montemayor was arrested and booked in Tulare County.

After a routine inspection at the Touchstone Pistachio company, located in Tulare County, they discovered that tons of pistachios had gone missing. They contacted law enforcement to say that the nuts were missing from the designated lot at Montemayor trucking.

It didn’t take long for the investigation to lead the police to a nearby trailer. It’s where the nuts were found. Instead of the 2,000-pound sacks that they were originally stored in, they were in smaller bags – apparently with the intention to resell them.

Montemayor Trucking said that all remaining pistachios were returned to the company. Since the trucking company has the same name as the perpetrator, we are to believe that it was an inside job. The truckers decided to help themselves. Perhaps they weren’t getting paid enough to move the pistachios.

How is it that California’s finest were so quick to act? The theft was quickly foiled and it showed that there was a lucrative underground market for stolen pistachios.


It’s a good thing Tulare County figured this out. An underground market for nuts could be dangerous…to its citizens and to the economy.

Oh, wait…

The underground market for drugs is considerably more dangerous. Yet, the nuts are what takes the focus. God forbid we try to get the illegal drugs off the street. Those are causing people to die of overdoses and leave people hungry and homeless in the streets. And, the underground drug market is considerably more than the $100,000 nut-bust that went down.

California can’t admit that they’ve got a drug problem, though. Then, they’d have to play detective and figure out that the root cause of their drug problem is coming from the cartels in Mexico. They’d have to try to close up the border. They’d also have to do away with the sanctuary cities.

That’s not going to happen. California loves its illegal immigrants. They love their drug cartels. After all, the more illegal immigrants they can pack into their cities, the more they can boost their census numbers. It can provide them with more Representatives in the House – and that’s what this country really needs – more liberal Congressmembers from California.

With regard to the nuts, the law enforcement in Tulare County has asked the public to help with any info related to this or future nut thefts. We can’t possibly have black market pistachios hitting the streets. The fallout could be terrible.

If only law enforcement would ask the public to help when it comes to drug busts. But, that’s not going to happen.

Meanwhile, Facebook users have had all sorts of fun making comments on the law enforcement’s social media page. The nut puns are out of this world, thanking detectives for “cracking” the case.

Bravo, California. Everyone in the state can rest easy knowing that the pistachios are safe. And, we can only expect such fine detective skills in the event that cashews or peanuts go missing, too.