California Governor Wants Everyone to Have An Abortion

California has been lost in its ways for a long time. They seem to do everything opposite of what the federal government wants. With a battle looming about women’s rights and abortion, the California governor seems to take matters into his own hands. He’s making it easier for women to get abortions – especially those who are on college campuses.

Gavin Newsom just signed legislation about requires universities to provide abortion medications. He is making history by being the first state to require public universities to offer this kind of medication at health centers on campus. This would begin effectively in 2023.

Newsome is focusing on the contrast of his new law with how different it is from some of the restrictions enacted across other states. He sees what other states are doing as going backward. He believes all of this is a form of restricting reproductive freedom.

Instead, he wants California to move forward, reaffirming a woman’s right to choose. His goal is for the state to remove barriers to reproductive health and increase access across college campuses while using technology that offers a modern approach to how patients can interact with providers.

What the governor fails to see is that there are a number of abortion restrictions in order to prevent people from using abortion as a convenient method for birth control. As such, many states are banning the procedure after six weeks, which is when a heartbeat is detected. Others are banning the procedure during the third trimester when the fetus is viable outside of the uterus. Some of the states and acting abortion restrictions include Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, and Ohio.

Jerry Brown, the Democratic predecessor to Newsom was actually against legislation that would allow on-campus abortion procedures since many of the services were readily available off-campus.

State Senator Connie Leyva has been focusing on this legislation for three years. She is “thrilled” that the governor has rejected the path taken by so many states, calling it misguided. She preaches that abortion is a protected right and everyone should have access to it, including college students.

The law will be relying on private donations as opposed to state dollars to cover the services. They are hoping to raise at least $10 million.

The abortion medication that the state is proposing isn’t without restrictions, however. As much as they want to state that there are no restrictions on abortion, it is only available to women who are less than 10 weeks pregnant. Two pills are required. The first blocks the progesterone hormone. The second, taken several days later, creates an effect similar to a miscarriage. This would allow the pregnant college student to resume their courseload as though nothing happens. Further, there are no restrictions to identify how often a student would be able to take these pills. As such, this could be their answer to dealing with pregnancies that were as a result of being irresponsible as opposed to something that was forced on them.

All of the public colleges in California, 34 in total, would be required to provide these abortion services. While not required to do so until 2023, several schools would likely start sooner, especially as private funding becomes available.

Conservative and religious groups alike are objecting to the legislation. They don’t want to make it easier for people to abort a baby prior to its birth. As the VP for the Berkeley College Republicans, Rudra Reddy, points out, there is a considerable issue with Newsom. He has no problem with the execution of unborn children yet he opposes the moratorium on the death penalty in California.

Kristan Hawkins, the president for Students for Life of America calls the governor’s “reckless support” a distribution scheme that can put the lives of students at risk while also placing schools at risk of lawsuits with “conscience rights” being violated.

Throughout committee hearings, Republicans voted against the measure. There were also several assembly Democrats who abstained during floor debates, which shows that Newsom’s new law wasn’t something that passed with flying colors. Even the Department of Finance opposed the bill due to a lack of personnel expertise and a lack of resources.

Newsom wants to make it sound like this is such a great idea, showing off just how progressive California is. However, the only thing that he has accomplished a showing how little respect he has for human life. While women are entitled to controlling their bodies, public schools should be focusing on birth control as opposed to killing unborn children.