Breaking News: Judge Makes HUGE Ruling on Kari Lake’s Election Fraud Claims

With 2022 nearly over and the midterms pretty much wrapped up, I’m sure you’ve heard no shortage of claims that remind us a bit of 2020 when it was alleged that multiple cases of election fraud had allowed the Democrats to succeed on nearly every front.

The biggest one of this year comes from Arizona, and more specifically, Maricopa County, the home of 2020’s most credulous allegations.

Here it has been claimed by Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, who presumably lost by around 17,000 votes, that problems with voting tabulators and machines led to incredibly long lines in the county, making certain that thousands of voters couldn’t cast their ballot and therefore went unheard.

As a result, Lake demands that the election results be reversed, with her being named the winner, or that another entire election takes place.

The demands have been made via the justice system and stood before a Maricopa County Superior Court judge, Peter Thompson, on Monday.

According to the case brought by Lake, there are ten claims of wrongdoing. Thompson just dismissed eight of them. However, the remaining two still have some play, apparently. In his decision, he is allowing Lake to continue her case, bringing it to trial in an attempt to prove these last two.

And it won’t exactly be an easy feat to achieve. Not only does she have a mere two days to prove that election fraud occurred during the 2022 midterms in Maricopa County, but also that they affected the results of those elections – hers specifically.

But she does have a chance now. With Thompson’s ruling, he has given Lake and anyone else who believes election fraud is a very real and troubling problem with US elections some hope, as well as some legitimacy against all those who say it’s only a ruse to get into power.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Lake can prove and what the judge will agree to.