Brace Yourself for President Kamala Because Biden Might Be Really Sick

Fake imposter Joe Biden appears to be very sick. He was supposed to show up at a fancy supper with the other G-20 leaders on Monday night in Bali, but his puppet masters “called a lid” early. His handlers insist that the 80-year-old dementia patient is just fine, which means he is probably really sick.

Now that the fake midterms are over and it looks like the Democrats have stolen the Senate to keep power there, it’s time for the Democrat Party to start thinking about taking Old Yeller out behind the shed.

And that’s scary because Kamala Harris is waiting in the wings.

Biden has been traveling for the past couple of days. When meeting with the prime minister of Cambodia, Biden referred to him as the prime minister of Columbia. So that’s par for the course.

But as he flew on to Bali after that, the prime minister of Cambodia (not Columbia) tested positive for COVID.

While he was delivering a rambling and nonsensical press conference (which is also par for the course) on Monday, Joe Biden mentioned that he has a “cold.” And then he’s a no-show at an important foreign policy dinner. The excuse from the White House was that “It’s been a long day, and he has other matters he needed to attend to.”

What other matters? Clawing back the cryptocurrency that he tried to launder through Ukraine with FTX? The White House didn’t say.

We’ve known this day was going to come for a long time. Joe Biden is basically non-functional when his drugs wear off. Ever since the stolen 2020 election campaign, Biden has been a mental toddler most of the time.

During the campaign, one witness from inside the Biden team told Tucker Carlson of Fox News that Biden has to be administered powerful drugs before he makes any public appearance.

Biden is probably juiced to the gills on barbiturates every time we see him in public. Barbiturates have been shown to have some promising short-term effects on dementia patients, making them somewhat lucid for a short time. Pumping an old man full of drugs like that has to play hell on his system.

How long can he seriously live if they keep this up?

Then again, if Joe Biden is not sick, it would make sense for his handlers to keep him out of a diplomatic supper with other world leaders. When he’s off his drugs – whatever those are – Biden is a glaring embarrassment.

When he’s not accidentally trying to start World War III or taking credit for social security COLA rules that Richard Nixon signed in the 1970s, Biden is grabbing the nearest small child and muttering sexually suggestive things while sniffing them. He needs to be kept on a short leash.

If Joe Biden is truly sick, it creates a big problem for the Democrat Party. Everyone hates Kamala Harris and knows that she’s too incompetent and too much of a ditz to carry out the duties of a president.

Drugs don’t help with whatever is wrong with Kamala. And if she does get the big promotion, it only makes her more powerful in 2024, which would be a huge problem for the Democrats.

She wasn’t even competitive in her home state of California during the 2020 primary race. Harris had to drop out of the race for the nomination because she couldn’t pull 1% in the polls, and no one would donate to her.

According to people inside Kamala Harris’s inner circle, she’s so mean and nasty that she would be unlikely to be pushed around by Joe Biden’s handlers, no matter how incompetent she is.

What’s a ruthless political party to do?