Both Sides Draw a Line in the Sand in Impeachment Hearings

The Democrats are getting a taste of their own medicine as Republicans are pressing for Hunter Biden and his dad Joe Biden to be investigated for criminal activity. The dumb Democrats are outraged and are vowing not to let the Republicans use the impeachment process as a platform for “sham investigations.” Adam Schiff is the one that has made this statement.

This is a very laughable situation that the dumb Democrats have found themselves in. They have shammed their way after the president for three years. They have called on countless people to come and testify over made-up claims for years. And now all of a sudden they are opposed to the very thought that one of their own could be a criminal. Adam Schiff is going to do everything that he can to keep it from happening.

The Democrats do not like the thought that they could be investigated. But with it is one of their beings looked at under a microscope they immediately believe that it a sham and it should not be allowed. Even when new evidence comes up that points to Democratic involvement into meddling in elections they still want to hide and claim that they are innocent. If the Biden’s are so innocent, let them be questioned. There will be nothing to lose since their stupid Democratic supporters claim that they are innocent.

The stupid Democrats believe that they are the only ones that can investigate crimes. They believe that they are the innocent ones and the Republicans and all their supporters are criminals. They are so blinded by their own self-righteous beliefs that they have become pharisaical in their approach to politics. They believe that they are the political gods of American that cannot be touched or convicted in court.

Televised testimony is about to begin and the world will soon see the deception of the Democrats and how they have lied to the world. Schiff has vowed to keep key witnesses from having to testify at the hearings. Already people are seeing that the hearings are a witch hunt because the people involved in making the fake claims are being kept under protection. They know that the allegations are false, and they do not want to be exposed as liars and frauds.

The criminal part about who gets to testify is that shady Schiff is the one that gets to say who can testify and which people are to stay away. Schiff is just as corrupt as the next Democrat that would love to see the president falsely accused of crimes that he did not commit. The very things that Schiff if pressing for are not even impeachable offenses.

Adam Schiff stated that the hearings “will not serve as venues for any Member to further the same sham investigations into the Biden’s or into debunked conspiracies about 2016 U.S. election interference that President Trump pressed Ukraine to undertake for his political benefit.” Schiff believes that these things are not connected when they are. He is unable to lead an investigation on this magnitude against a president that is loved by most of the nation.

Schiff is stacking the deck, and he is going to get caught. Even Nancy Pelosi agrees with Schiff as a good little Democrat would be. Pelosi and Schiff are tools of the devil. They are witch-hunting an innocent man to the point of their destruction. When all this is said and done the president will be found innocent and Schiff and Pelosi will be sent back home with nothing to do but retire.

Many of the people called on to testify have not cooperated with Schiff because they know that everything he is doing is wrong. Joe Biden is claiming that he never did anything wrong even after admitting to things he has done wrong. The man is speaking out of both sides of his mouth. The Democrats are liars and Adam Schiff and Joe Biden are some of the worst the world has ever seen.