Boston, MA Is a True Sanctuary City, Much to the Delight of Biden

Joseph Sohm /
Joseph Sohm /

Over the last decade or so, many cities have quietly declared themselves as “sanctuary cities.” A place where illegal immigrants can move, live, and not have to worry about being handed over to the federal authorities. Their ban on assisting Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or anyone with the removal of illegals from their city is absolutely mind-numbing.

Imposed in 2014, Boston has been allowing illegal immigrants right back out into the city when their status has been discovered. Led by Democratic Mayor Michelle Wu, the city not only allowed illegals to evade arrest and deportation by ICE but there are reports of them providing them support and assistance in this evasion. Yet Boston officials would only take credit for 12 people avoiding the feds. When presented with this figure, ICE officials refuted the number and detailed how city law enforcement refuse to provide any assistance.

Speaking with the Boston Herald, ICE officials in Boston outlined the lack of cooperation from the city. “When law enforcement agencies fail to honor immigration detainers and release serious criminal offenders onto the streets, it undermines ERO’s ability to protect public safety and carry out its mission.”

In a statement to the Boston Herald, the Boston Police Department Commissioner not only supported the statement from ICE but even supported the city’s status with illegal immigration. “The Boston Police Department remains committed to the Boston Trust Act and strengthening relationships with all our communities. Boston’s immigrant community should feel safe in reporting crime and in proactively engaging with the Boston Police Department.”

The furtherance of these policies by President Biden has undermined ICE officials across the country. With his not-so-hidden- agenda of pushing this into a complete sanctuary country, he is working completely against ICE and its mission. His efforts to disturb the order of things and make ICE look foolish for even trying to do their jobs is not what the POTUS should be doing.

With ICE issuing less than 79,000 detainers for illegal aliens in 2022, it marked a 56$ drop from 2018. Then again, the Department of Homeland Security only detailed 145,000 illegals arrested for crimes in the US since Biden took the oath. By comparison, Trump issued 20,000 more detainers in FY19 than Biden has since he took office.

A drop in number like this means illegals being charged with homicide, kidnapping, robbery, assault, or sexual abuse are being let back into the US before trial, after conviction, and even after sentencing. Free or in jail, they are still using taxpayer dollars to keep them here instead of sending them back to their homes.

With the full support of the POTUS, the liberal left, and their fellow illegals, there is little to no incentive for cities to turn over illegals. For many departments, it causes a headache, and with minimal federal support to get them out, the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze. Unfortunately, it is this mindset that keeps pushing the “sanctuary city” ideal across the country, and it largely comes from cities, not near the border.

Much like offering “anything” for a friend going through hard times, you don’t expect them to ask you for $100,000 or the keys to your Mustang. When they do, you get stuck between a rock and a hard place. Recently we saw how poorly it went for Martha’s Vineyard when they got stuck. With about 50 suddenly being dropped in the ritzy beach community, they sprang into action and got them fed, cleaned, and cots to sleep on. Quickly, the city had them moved away so they became the problem of the federal government and small organizations.

The virtue signaling from cities like Boston is incredibly troubling. They offer it, but when people show up they don’t get any real help, just a security blanket from the already restrained people President Biden has working in ICE and DHS. At this rate, the US will be more illegals than citizens in many cities by 2024. That should scare all of us.