Border Patrol on High Alert for Terrorist Smuggled In the US

The southern border continues to be attacked by people seeking to enter the country for criminal purposes. The integrators of criminal activities bring drugs and illegals with them. They are paid large sums of money to bring people into the country but usually, the people are transferred as slaves. Federal agents continue to monitor the border looking to expose the criminals before they can enter America.

Right now federal agents are looking for a terrorist that is seeking to enter the country by means of the southern border. She is a person that is secretly moving through Mexico without much opposition. She is expected to try to cross within days. But federal agents are working hard to find her before she arrives. Intelligence points out that she is a suspected bomber seeking to kill and destroy innocent Americans.

Federal agents released the following alert about the scary terrorist “On January 8, 2020, Yuma Sector (YUM) Operations Center (OPCEN) received information from Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) regarding a Guatemalan National D.L. [blurred name] (no further information), who was deported from California approximately a year ago. Information received claims that L may attempt to smuggle 4 males and 1 female (suspected suicide bomber) of Middle Eastern descent into the United States.”

When President Trump was elected he promised to secure America and make it a place of safety. He has worked nonstop to secure the border only to be fought by the blind Democrats. These liberal nutshells believe that all the people that are trying to enter the country are seeking asylum. But that is not the truth. The very fact that this crazy lady is trying to get in, so she can bomb people would prove that President Trump is right. The president has declared a state of emergency, so he can use funds from the military to wage the war against the terrorists coming to the north.

The terrorist group that is moving to the north is trying to enter the Arizona border. The very fact that terrorists can move so easily through Mexico is cause for great concern. They are unable to secure their own country to the point that they can stop these people. Much of the northern parts of Mexico are controlled by crime bosses. They are so powerful that the Mexican military cannot control them. President Trump has offered American assistance in combating the cartels that seek to murder people in their territory.

It is said that the scary lady and her group have “traveled through Central America, including Belize and Guatemala, before reaching Veracruz, Mexico, which is located on the southern tip of Mexico. From there, they are moving approximately 1,700 miles northwest to San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora. The Mexican state of Sonora sits south of the international border by Yuma, Arizona, and Calexico, California.”

The organization that identified the group was ICE. They are a hot topic with the Democrats right now as they seek to shut them down. ICE is one of the agencies that protect Americans from the illegals pouring over the border. The Democrats owe their safety and prosperity to the security that ICE has brought to the country. They deserve support and not the hatred that comes at them from the liberals.

The terrorist group is said to be trying to enter into America through a territory marked off as the All American Canal. Not much more has been said about the scary lady and her band of killers. They are being watched and will be caught by those that are protecting the southern border. The southern border is the area that many illegals come because it is easier to cross as it is so vast.

The southern border must be protected and secured before it is too late. The Democrats hate border agents and look to discredit them when they can. But President Trump has protected them and continues to provide them the resources they need to fight the war against human smuggling and drug running. They are the heroes that need better support and supplies.