BOOM: Biden’s Brother Facing Fraud Charges

The Biden family is full of fraud and illegal business practices. Joe Biden seems to be the gas pump that his family members have come to secure illegal business and funds.

First, it was his son Hunter and the whole Burisma scandal. Now it seems that Joe Biden’s brother, James, is getting in on the action. James Biden is being accused of legal issues and fraud. The Biden family is the perfect picture of corruption and fraud.

Joe Biden is the source of all the fraud and illegal activity. A report that has come out is claiming that James Biden had used the name of Joe Biden to gain business. It appears that James Biden was telling medical companies, such as Americore Health, that Joe Biden had an interest in certain business deals.

This, of course, would allow the brother to profit at the increase of business because the then vice president was on board. Joe Biden is the standard for what it means to be corrupt in the Democratic Party.

It all centered on the Joe Biden family name. Americore Health executive Tom Pritchard has stated that “It was all smoke and mirrors.” James Biden had lied and convinced the health company that he could and would use political power to bring the company a ton of money.

The money would come in the form of an investment from others in the Middle East. His abuse of political powers is biting him in the rear as he was able to get a loan from the company that he is failing to repay.

Jams Biden along with Americore and its founder, Grant White are just some crime bosses that are facing charges from medical businesses. The lawsuit is claiming that they have not delivered on promises that were made to them. Promises that inspired them to do business with the criminal minds. But like all good Biden’s, they are denying any wrongdoing on their part.

Grant White is the one that is caught in the middle of Biden’s fight with other companies. He provided valuable information that would essentially distance himself from the trouble.

The Biden’s have been caught with their political pants down and now it is time to pay up. The Biden family name means death and destruction. Every time they have engaged in business dealing that company has been found in trouble for crimes committed.

Burisma is facing corruption investigations and now Americore is facing bankruptcy. James Biden got the company to loan him a six-figure loan of which he still has not paid back. Biden’s use these companies as a screen to keep themselves from having to face all the criminal charges.

Joe and James Biden use others for their gain. The Democrats are coming to a part one member at a time. Everyone so far is under investigation for corruption. It is only a matter of time before they are put into their new cell block home.

Everything that James Biden is claiming about his brother’s meeting with White and others at the company is proving to be a lie. The truth is coming out that Joe Biden never supported Americore.

People are also seeing that James Biden never even discussed it with the other corrupt Biden. He simply made a bunch of statements that had no truth attached to them. He is a liar and nothing more.

Joe Biden is becoming the Democratic choice for the nomination. It appears that the Democrats are choosing a criminal to be their choice for the next president. It will be honesty against a liar. President Trump has been proven to be honest and upright in all of his dealings. Joe Biden can never say that about himself.

The Biden family is proving to be the most corrupt in all of Washington. And on top of that truth the president as stated with clarity that “The Obama/Biden Administration is the most corrupt Administration in the history of our Country!” If Joe Biden is the best the Democrats have, then America can rest easy for the next four years knowing President Trump will be around to serve and protect.