Bloomberg Campaigns in CA, Where Universal Income has Already Started

While most 2020 presidential candidates are parading themselves around early voting states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and others, late-comer Michael Bloomberg is taking a different route. Instead, he found his way from his home state of New York all the way to California, the home of some of the largest delegate pools available.

Most would have thought he would go to places like Los Angles or Hollywood, where the dollars flow smoothly. But Bloomberg isn’t doing that either. After all, he is already a billionaire and doesn’t really require more campaign funds at the moment. What Bloomberg does need are votes, particularly those of the minority. And so on Tuesday, he visited the smaller city of Stockton, where Michael Tubbs is mayor.

Tubbs is known for his ‘war on poverty’ and several proposals that seek to bring an end to it in his city and state, including a guaranteed minimum income plan.

CBS in Sacramento reported, “Democratic presidential candidate and former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg took his campaign to Stockton Wednesday morning as part of his first trip to California. While there, he picked up an endorsement from Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs and released several new proposals to fight poverty. During a private event at Trail Coffee Roasters in Downtown Stockton, Bloomberg promised to launch a ‘war on poverty.”

Bloomberg said, “As president, my job will be to move all of America ahead and that includes committing our country to new and innovative ways to combat poverty.” And he continued, “There has to be a war on poverty. A successful one, an innovative one, and one that engages local leaders like Mayor Tubbs.”

Tubbs made national headlines last year when he proposed a basic income test program. Through the plan, Tubbs literally gives out free cash to people, particularly those who are “unable or unwilling to work.” And while the program has not been much of a success, it has still earned him the favor of those who are less advantaged.

He also has another program that offers citizens money as an incentive for not committing crimes. However, this is even more of a failure than his first one, as crime rates haven’t seemed to budge at all since he began it.

But like I said before, people love him for it. And why wouldn’t they? He is giving them free money, regardless of what their actual needs are or even whether or not they are criminals. If they can continue to take advantage of this free government cash, why should they change their ways at all?

And Bloomberg is playing right into their hands. He needs their votes, badly. If he is ever going to be able to compete against his fellow Democrats, and Biden, specifically, he is going to have to raise his awareness and popularity. Currently, Biden has the most minority and low-income voters in the party.

But to beat Trump, he will have to have even more. With Trump’s tax cuts, Americans, regardless of race or background, are finding more money in their pockets and employment rates that haven’t been this low in nearly 50 years.

Furthermore, Bloomberg, much like the former candidate and Senator Kamala Harris, has a definite “tough on crime” record. As mayor of New York City, Bloomberg was known for his stop and frisk law enforcement policies that put many, many behind bars. In fact, during his rule in the Big Apple, New York had the lowest crime rates seen in decades. And those on the left who want criminal justice reform are unlikely to forget that, even if he has seemed to flip-flop on the issue in recent months.

Just like Harris, he has started changing his opinion on crime to get more voters to support him. He has even come out and apologized for his toughness on breaking the law, saying that he shouldn’t have kept crime rates so low.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want a president who thinks crime is ok and offers to keep it in play just to make a few people happy. Neither do I want someone in office who is willing to change opinions they have held for a lifetime so suddenly. We need someone who is authentic and true to themselves as well as to the nation. We need someone who is for our safety, even if it makes a few enemies.