Big Changes In Security Across Military Bases

The US military has accidentally demonstrated that they may not have the level of security on their bases that they thought they did. From a shooting in Pearl Harbor to a shooting in Pensacola, the issues on military bases have been broadcast all over the place.

While the Pearl Harbor shooting was considered a one-off incident, the Pensacola one is being identified as a terrorist attack – and this means that the military has to show that it is securing its bases.

There has been a significant boost in security over the past week. Many people look at the military to provide the most secure locations. If they are allowing guns onto the base in areas where there is a zero-gun rule, it shows that there are weaknesses. The last thing that the United States needs is for the wrong person to exploit a weakness – and so the process begins to boost security.

One of the first things that the military has done is to increase random security measures across military bases stateside.

Terrence O’Shaughnessy, the Northern Command Chief General, has provided direction to “immediately assess force protection measures” as well as to implement an increase in the random security measures that are appropriate for their bases and facilities. This is all as a result of the attacks of the military installations in Hawaii and Florida.

Direction was also provided to military leaders to ensure that their workforce is remaining alert and to report any suspicious activity that is being observed. This is particularly as a result of the Saudi military exchange officer that targeted US personnel at the Naval air station in Pensacola.

Additionally, a review of security measures has been ordered by Defense Secretary Mark Esper. There will also be a review of the process that bets foreign nationals for training programs in the United States.

By taking such immediate action, it ensures that the military is taking the shootings seriously. Further, it will secure bases to prevent anyone from entering the base with a weapon. On most military installations, the only ones who are allowed to carry are those who are in security forces. By vetting foreign nationals, it will ensure that those who could pose a terrorist threat would not be able to participate in training programs and would not be able to gain access to military bases. This would prevent such issues as the one that took place in Pensacola from happening again.

The two shootings that took place on military bases also help to shed light on the gun-control issue. Most military installations have a no-carry rule. Despite many military members owning guns and having concealed weapon permits, they are not allowed to bring their personal guns onto the base. Many question whether the shootings would have resulted in as many casualties as they did if people were allowed to carry.

This issue comes full circle when looking at the various gun-control laws that are in place with civilians across the United States – and the ones that Democrats are proposing. If the number of guns is limited and people are unable to use the guns that they own and have been trained to use, will it result in more gun violence or less? If gun violence can be reduced by the right person being in the right place with a gun on their hip, would it be better to allow people to carry as they are allowed to now? Limiting the number of guns did nothing to help the shootings that took place on military bases so how could limiting the number of guns in the civilian world help to improve things?

With the impeachment process happening right now, gun-control has been sent to the back burner – an issue that many Americans have identified as a problem. The Democrats have been so focused on getting Trump out of office that they haven’t done anything to limit gun-control.

At least the United States military has stepped up to ensure that their military bases are going to be more secure moving forward. The random security measures will help to identify the possibility of bringing guns onto the base. Additionally, improving the vetting process will help to eliminate individuals who have no right participating in training programs and could pose security threats on military bases.

Hopefully, all of the actions being taken by the military will address the problem thoroughly. This way, we can go for a few months as a country without hearing about some kind of shooting that could have been prevented.