Biden’s SOTU Claims vs. Reality

David Carillet /
David Carillet /

We all know Democratic President Joe Biden is known to stretch the truth a bit. So, what are the chances of his State of the Union speech including more than a few?

Well, pretty darn good, according to our fact-checking abilities.

Here are just a few of the claims Biden tried to make and how they compare to reality.

Republicans Want to End Social Security and Medicare

This has got to be one of the biggest lies of the night.

As you know, our economy is in a bit of crisis, with some major decisions to be made. For the Democrats, the idea is to simply raise the debt ceiling, just as they did last year, allowing the US to continue paying our debts.

Republicans have a less frivolous idea: to cut out unnecessary spending where possible.

For Biden and his cohorts, this must mean that McCarthy and his followers want to do away with all social services. But NO ONE is proposing that at present, at least not to the extent of Biden’s claim.

A Record 12 Million Jobs Have Been Created by the Biden Admin

Umm, considering there was a pandemic going on for the better part of Biden’s first two years in office, this cannot be true. New jobs weren’t “created.” Instead, people were just allowed to finally return to work, and businesses everywhere were hiring as a result. But Biden didn’t do squat to “create” those positions.

The Inflation Reduction Act is Lowering Utility Bills

Absolutely false. While inflation is slowly lowering a bit, at least when it comes to certain items, utility bills are higher than ever. According to Con Edison, most gas bills in New York alone will be, on average, 20 percent higher this year.

It’s Oil Companies Fault for the High Price of Gas

According to Biden, oil companies haven’t invested enough to produce enough oil, and that’s why gas and oil prices are skyrocketing. It couldn’t be that Biden, on day one in office, forced them to shut down operations of pipelines or canceled new drilling licenses and leases. Or what about the fact that he’s increased taxes on those same companies making it even harder for them to invest?

Biden’s Admin Has Cut the National Debt by More Than $1.7 Trillion

Again, this is false – at least in part. It is true that the national debt is not what it was expected to be at this point. However, this is only because the temporary COVID stimulus spending lapsed during his time in office.

The national debt was around $27.75 trillion when Biden assumed the White House. Now, it’s up to $31.43 trillion.

This means he actually grew the national debt by more than $3.6 trillion in just two years. Although, again, because of that lapse in COVID spending, it’s lower than it was projected to be.

Border Crossings from Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Venezuela are Down 97% Because of Biden’s New Border Plan

Well, according to week one, after these supposed new plans went into place, border crossings from these particular countries do seem to be down. But this is only one week. And crossings overall are still at an all-time high.

We are Stronger Than Ever in Preparation to Deal with China or Anyone Else in the World

Again, no. according to statistic after statistic, our wartime readiness skills in all military branches are way down, as are recruitment levels. In fact, most branches have failed to meet their recruitment quotas for the year.

And then there is the fact that the Chinese just managed to deploy a balloon over US airspace for how long before finally being detected?

Public Safety and Public Trust are Being Violated by Law Enforcement

While law enforcement in the US does inevitably take lives, and each of those is a tragedy, the data proves that most who are killed are armed and in the process of committing a crime. More young black men die in gang shootings than in police shootouts by far. But, of course, Biden didn’t mention those facts.

Now, as I mentioned before, these are just a few from the night of his SOTU speech. I’m sure you can find more. It just goes to show just how untrustworthy he and his staff are.