Biden’s Sad Apology Tour

Biden made comments a few weeks ago that rubbed a number of people in the black community the wrong way. His segregationist comments focused on how he was able to work with past Senators such as Talmadge and Eastland. While Biden could have chosen a number of other Senators to name as an example of how he was able to make peace with those on the other side of an issue, he chose to drudge up two of the most controversial Senators in United States history. This caused Booker and Harris, particularly, to go off.

Biden didn’t really apologize. He told them that they took it out of context. He told them they missed the point he was trying to make. But he didn’t apologize.

It took him weeks. Finally, he’s ready to apologize. Instead of making a blanket apology, he’s turning his presidential campaign tour into a sad apology tour where he admits that he made a mistake.

It Started in South Carolina

Biden decided that the best time to issue an apology was in Sumter, South Carolina, to an audience of several hundred black people. He apologized for making the comments regarding segregationist Senators, saying that it wasn’t his intention to bring up bad memories. He was using it as a demonstrated and did so without thinking.

He didn’t want to go with a basic apology. He thought that doing it this way was a more “fulsome” way to do it. He admitted that he was wrong and told everyone that he regretted using the analogy that he did.

He also told his audience that he wanted to look to the future, not in the past. Smart, because if he keeps pointing people into the past, they’ll realize that Biden is as outdated as his references show him to be.

There were so many problems with using Talmadge and Eastland. First, they were segregationists who didn’t believe that blacks should have the same rights as whites. Second, they’re both dead – and have been for some time. When Biden references doing business with people who have been dead for decades, it shines a huge spotlight on his age.

Getting the Black Vote

While Biden’s on his sad apology tour, it’s not just about saying, “I’m sorry.” Don’t think for a minute that he’s spending all of that money just to apologize to hundreds of black people at a time. Each time he apologizes, he’s doing so to huge crowds of potential voters. While it’s pathetic that his entire platform has turned into an apology instead of focusing on the issues, it sums up Biden well – pathetic and incapable of addressing the issues that plague the nation.

Biden, like Sanders, knows that he needs the black vote if he’s going to get the DNC nomination for the 2020 ballot. The problem is that black communities cannot possibly connect with him. Even with him talking about making deals with segregationists, he’s a 76-year-old white man. He understands their needs, as well as Kamala Harris, knows the struggles of a white woman. He’s on the other side of the fence.

Biden’s slipping in the polls, too. At one point, he was seen as a shoo win to get the nomination because he had the most experience. After all, he was Obama’s, right-hand man. However, the longer that he’s in the spotlight, the more time it gives him to make inappropriate comments and alienate the very people he’s supposed to be getting support from.

Keep Apologizing, Biden

Every time Biden gets in front of a crowd and apologizes, he loses that much more of himself. People who constantly apologize for their actions cannot be seen as a leader. Issue an apology and move on. Instead, he’s only drawing more attention to himself. People who didn’t know that he referenced Segregationist senators are now learning about it. He’s showing how ill-equipped he is to take on the role.

It’s not just his age. It’s not just his appearance. He’s outdated. He’s failed to evolve with the times. And, now, he can’t stop apologizing.

That’s okay, though. Keep on apologizing, Joe. You’ll find yourself plummeting in the polls as you go along on your sad apology tour. Before long, Harris and others will be leading the polls nationwide. And, we all know that they’ll crash and burn on their own. Here’s to watching the demise of another Dem, all because of their own doing. If this doesn’t deserve a standing ovation, then there really is no joy left in the world.