Biden’s Pile of Waste Has Amazing Value, but He Refuses To Use It To Secure America

Trevor Bexon/
Trevor Bexon/

The tremendous waste of Joe Biden continues to pile up. Early in the old man’s tenure, he decided to kill off every good thing that Donald Trump had put in place before the Democrats found a way to steal the White House. They thought they could get away with their demonic deeds just long enough to make a huge difference with their plans for America. But they were wrong again.

The first thing Biden screwed up was the southern border. All he had to do was leave everything alone and let the wall be built, and the country would have been safe. But he needed the illegals to move northward as a means to destroy America as it is today. The wall was the barrier to keep out the terrorists and the criminals. But Biden loves this kind of company.

And now that the lame president has killed the building project and went back on the contracts, there stands $350 million worth of materials rusting to dust because he will not sell them to anyone. The Democrats cry about not having any money, yet they waste millions on products because they do not want to sell them.

The demonic Democrats even have a buyer willing to pay for the materials. Governor Abbott of Texas could use the materials for his wall projects. But Biden refuses to sell it all to him because he is a Republican finishing a project that will make him look bad.

The rusting material consists of steel, light poles, electrical supplies, crushed aggregate, processed riprap rock, sand, culvert items, and a lot of piping. The federal government is paying people to guard the material, and they are paying to maintain portions of the wall already built. Biden could cut costs by selling the materials without paying the guards. But he is too arrogant and prideful to think along those lines.

Newsmax has reported that the Republicans that serve on the Subcommittee on Government Operations and Border Management have found that “the Biden administration is spending $3 million a day for subcontractors to guard border-wall materials and keep worksites safe.” The Biden Administration has been paying that money for over a year, which has added more than what the material would bring to sell it.

Myles Traphagen is a person that watches what border enforcement does to the region. He stated that “we know how much an F-35 fighter costs and how much components cost for the latest Gerald Ford aircraft carrier. But everything regarding the borderlands wall is severely obscured from public review and scrutiny.”

Biden has no plan for any agenda items that he has screwed up. He comes in and makes lousy decisions without ever thinking through the consequences of his actions. The materials sitting at the border need to be replaced and installed, but because of his pride, he cannot bring himself to admit he was wrong when he killed the project.

The federal government can transfer items to other agencies, but that would only defeat the project’s purpose. But some of the product is already in place, waiting for the rest of the material to be attached. But the longer they wait, the project will turn into a demolition project instead.

The Democrats have made a terrible mess of the country, and not a single one of them knows to think of how to fix their mistakes. They would rather sit in their offices and look for other ways to shift the blame off of themselves and onto other people.

All Joe Biden had to do was leave the border alone and let the people running the programs take care of things, and the country would have been safe. But like all terrible Democrats, Biden could not keep his hands off the border because he arrogantly thought that his plan to open the border would fix the issues. But all he has done is make it worse.