Biden’s Comeback In Polls Demos How Other Candidates Are Failing

Joe Biden has been dropping in the 2020 primary polls over the past few months. Reasons vary, including people thinking that he’s too old to think that he’s going to be just like Obama, particularly as it pertains to deportation.

However, recent polls have shown that Sleepy Joe is bouncing back. One Fox News national survey shows that he’s holding strong with 33 percent of voters likely to vote for him in the primaries.

While Biden is thinking that he’s doing pretty good, saying all of the right things in the latest polls, it’s actually showing just how miserably the other candidates are failing.

Look at the Other Frontrunners

There are a few other leaders of the polls, though nowhere near the 33 percent that Biden has. Sanders is sitting at 15 percent, Warren is at 12 percent, and Harris is at 10 percent. These numbers are lower for everyone else, which shows that they’re not proving that they’re worthy components.

Sanders is dropping in the polls, as he always does because socialism doesn’t make sense. However, what really hurt him was his plea for the $15 minimum wage mark only to turn around and cut hours for those working on his campaign in order to give them the $15. He proved that business owners cannot afford to hike up the minimum wage without making other adjustments, like cutting back on the hours.

Warren is getting her name out there, but she’s not a poll leader for a number of reasons. Many people like the idea that she’s a female. She’s also extremely progressive, which scares a lot of the middle of the road Dems who don’t want to be too extremist. She’s also got plans that don’t make a lot of sense, such as clearing out student loan debt without a clear way as to where the money is going to come from. Of course, there’s Harris, who is leading because she’s not only female but also a minority. However, she’s not getting as much of the black vote as she’d hoped for because African Americans don’t feel as though she can identify with the racism they’ve faced with her dad being Jamaican and her mom being Indian.

Other Candidates

Some of the other candidates have yet to go past the two percent mark. Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, and Julian Castro all make it into this category. They’re holding on, but only by a thread. If they make it to the end of 2019 without jumping ship, it will be amazing. Right now, it seems that their only tactics are to come out with outlandish plans (like O’Rourke’s immigration plan) or constantly point the finger at another running mate (like Castro does to Biden).

They’re not making big moves and they’re not touring the country fast enough so that Americans can get the name recognition that they need. When people look at polls, they look for a familiar name – and Biden is the one that stands out.

A Look at Biden

With Biden climbing higher in the polls, it’s a false sense of security. He’s increasing because it’s the only option that people have. They’re not going to bubble in a name they’ve never heard of, leaving about 16 names out of the equation. They’re also not going to bubble in a name for someone who is going to raise minimum wage only to cut hours and benefits.

It’s still early. However, if Biden continues to hold onto the lead, he’ll have the DNC nomination in the bag. As the only one of the running mates with experience as a Vice President, it makes sense that more people are voting for him. After all, who better to be President than a former VP?

The problem for the Democratic Party remains that whomever they get, they can’t get anyone that will beat Trump. Trump is improving the economy, which is one of the top concerns that voters have. More of America is also seeing that Trump is trying to get the job done but can’t because of the circus happening under Pelosi’s nose.

Once the primaries are done, every voter will have the chance to vote for who they want for president, regardless of whether they’re left or right. They’ll see Biden and Trump on a ballot. They’ll remember that Biden is older than Trump. They’ll remember the fact that Biden didn’t do anything in the Obama administration except for ride coattails. As such, they’ll have to go with someone who has already proven that he can do the job – and right-leaning Dems will be bubbling in Trump on the ballots.