Biden’s Angry Outburst Raises More than Eyebrows

Joe Biden, the former Vice President, and the current Democratic presidential candidate hasn’t always had the coolest of tempers. He’s actually threatened to slap someone when confronted about taking away second amendment rights. Biden has lost it yet again, and people are starting to raise more than eyebrows.

Joe Biden joined the NAACP round table in a virtual live stream. Due to the coronavirus, they weren’t able to meet in person. As such, Biden joined them from his basement, where he’s joked that he’s been in hiding since the pandemic broke out.

The “virtual town hall” was to discuss systemic racism. It featured Derrick Johnson (the president and CEO of the NAACP), Joe Biden, Marcia Fudge (a US Representative from Ohio), and Ed Gordon (a journalist).

The question came up about the 1994 crime law, which is a hot button for Biden. He’s come under fire for this on many instances over the past year because the law was meant to increase incarceration. He was the one to author the law. However, he has argued that the law helped to “resource American cities.” Up until 2016, he has defended the law. Now, he’s not always defending the law. He has said that there are parts that he’ll change.

When Ed Gordon circles back on a question where Biden says, “They were wrong in thinking that” and explains that it’s their opinion. He wants some clarity.

Before Gordon can finish taking, Biden gets angry and starts yelling, “show me a poll that says that.”

Gordon looks as confused as everyone listening. Poll? What poll? No one said anything about any poll. And why is Biden getting so angry all of a sudden?

Apparently, Biden is so pre-conditioned to hearing “they think” means a poll that he cuts Gordon off twice to demand that he see the polls. While he’s yelling, his eyes go wide in an almost crazed look.

Gordon calms him down with a, “Now, Mr. Vice President…” and proceeds to say that he received an email from a couple of young people who were asking about the 1994 crime bill.

Biden realizes his slip up and gives out a big, “Oh, okay.”

The way that he gets so angry when thinking that he’s being criticized is what has people raising concern. It’s not just enough to raise eyebrows at some of his anger issues anymore because he’s getting closer to the November General Election. He could be our next president.

While there are a number of issues with Trump in the media, he’s never gotten violent or threatened them. However, Biden has. Biden has a habit of pointing and getting his finger in the face of the person asking a question. He’s threatened to slap them. And, if he were standing in front of Gordon when this NAACP round table went down, it begs the question of how he was going to respond.

The worst part is that he completely overreacted because of not understanding. There was no poll, and he would have known that if he had listened to what Gordon was saying.

Since Biden’s been forced to do live streaming instead of physical meetings, he’s had more than a couple of meltdowns. And there are videos online to show the snippets.

Biden has a habit of not answering questions. Either he forgets them or he gets angry, but he doesn’t really ever address the issues – especially as it pertains to his real involvement in the 1994 crime bill.

Oh, and his final response to Gordon’s question: “it’s a legitimate concern.” Wait, but that’s not really an answer, is it? They are concerned, Biden admits that they should be concerned, but isn’t going to say anything more on the matter.

There have been quite a few people commenting that the angry outbursts could be a sign of his diminishing mental state. It may sound funny, but when he’s running for president, it’s actually scary. Perhaps he needs a mental health check before his name gets printed on any ballots for November.