Biden Thinks That He Can Have His Administration Dictate What Cases the Supreme Court Should Handle

Michael F. Hiatt/

Biden and his administration have come to believe that they have the final authority over what other parts of the government can be involved with. The Department of Justice blatantly told the Supreme Court that they should not even consider listening to the case dealing with the citizenship rights of people born in American Samoa.

United States territories are under the control and protection of America, but the people are not considered legal citizens. And as a result of not being a legal citizen, the people cannot vote in American elections.

Joe Biden was asked for a response in the case Fitisemanu vs. the United States but has failed to reply appropriately. The court case challenges federal law that mandates that people born in the territories are not legal Americans. The plaintiffs in the case want the Supreme Court to overturn established law that upholds the laws Congress passed years ago.

The problem with what the Department of Justice is mandating at the Supreme Court is that they do not have the right to tell the third branch of government what to do. The Judicial Branch exists to determine if the executive and legislative branches’ laws are constitutional or not.

Elizabeth Prelogar is the U.S. Solicitor General for the nation. She was sent a letter by the plaintiffs begging her to help the Supreme Court to decide to hear their case. But she stands in favor of Congress having the ability to determine which people can be called legal or illegal.

The plaintiffs pointed out that the 14th Amendment dictates that people born on U.S. soil or territory are legal American citizens. But it seems that Congress has disagreed with that interpretation in the past.

Neil Weare is the president and the founder of Equally American. He stated that the president has a chance to make right what many people deem as wrong towards the people living in the territories. But the old man no longer can see things that matter to Americans. He continues to miss each opportunity to take a stand for freedom.

The old man turned his back on the Cuban people when they fought for their freedom. He refused to let Americans drill for their oil. And he has refused to secure the southern border so the county can be a safe place to live.

UPI reported that Neil Weare stated, “It’s shocking that the Biden-Harris Administration and the solicitor general continue to breathe life into the Insular Cases which were grounded in a vision of white supremacy that has no place in our society, much fewer briefs filed by the U.S. Justice Department.”

Biden’s failure to acknowledge the struggle shows how much he does not care about a small group of people who would never be able to help win an election. He is only willing to speak up on an issue that would benefit him.

The fight for territory citizenship is not only wrapped up in court cases. But the issue spans the region and lands at the top of American Samoa’s political leadership. They decided to file an opposition to the case that UPI reports says, “For three thousand years, on an archipelago seven thousand miles from this Court, the American Samoan people have preserved fa’a Samoa — the traditional Samoan way of life, weaving together countless traditional cultural, historical and religious practices into a vibrant pattern found nowhere else in the world. The American Samoan people have kept fa’a Samoa alive in part by preserving their unique political status.”

Not every Samoan wants to be forced into American citizenship. They love their heritage and do not want to lose their identity. But a few people that do not share the majority vision want to make the majority submit to the minority.

The Biden administration and his liberal-run Department of Justice do not have the right to dictate what cases the Supreme Court should hear. The Judicial Branch exists to keep Biden and his regime from violating the Constitution and taking the rights away from legal citizens.