Biden Takes Another Fall; This One is a Bit More Nasty

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Consolidated News Photos /

If you haven’t heard, Democratic President Joe Biden hasn’t exactly had the easiest time getting around of late. And his latest fall begs even more to question both his physical and mental health, as well as his age.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard all about Biden’s “stumbles” over the years, most of them occurring while the 80-year-old national leader was attempting to board Air Force One, which requires him to walk up several steps. Additionally, at least one of those instances happened while it was “dark” out, making the likelihood of physical misstep even more possible.

After all, who hasn’t tripped over something in the middle of the night before, stubbed a toe, or even run into a wall? And Biden, as a human, can only be expected to do these things on occasion.

However, as we all know, the concern is that these instances seem to be happening more regularly for the commander-in-chief. And the latest, for no apparent reason.

It occurred Thursday after speaking at the US Air Force Academy graduation ceremony near Colorado Springs.

Judging from the video, Biden either tripped over his own feet on a flat surface (the platform he was speaking on) or stumbled while attempting to take a step down. Take a look for yourself.

In any case, he can’t use the stairs of Air Force One or the dark as an excuse.

Neither could this be called a slight misstep and one easily righted. Unlike a few other times when Biden seemed to catch himself, he fell to the ground on this occasion.

This particularly nasty fall is likely to raise quite a few more eyebrows than the last few, as well as draw some rather serious suspicions that his ever-increasing age might be a factor. Not that his age hasn’t already been a grave concern in recent years. His near-constant word salads and speaking errors have drawn that into question enough.

But now, it seems even his physical body is questionable whether he can continue to do his job.