Biden Once Filibustered for Two Years Letting a Black Woman Join a Circuit Court


If you listen long to the political left, you’ll hear a narrative that suggests they are all-inclusive and very much for equality, whether that be religion, race, gender, etc. However, it doesn’t take much more than a few minutes to realize that all of their babble is really just a cover to get their agenda items passed, and more political power put into their hands.

Take, for instance, the current White House opportunity to nominate a seemingly liberal Supreme Court justice to replace the outgoing Stephen Breyer.

Naturally, the idea is to make sure that the liberal-mindedness that Breyer has brought to the High Court is not lost with his retirement. But in addition, the Biden administration has also made it their goal to nominate the first black woman to the bench.

Now, to be sure, the ideal is a rather noble one. After all, they can’t very well claim to be all-inclusive and then make the same old type of nominations and decisions the last 200 years or so have given us.

Then again, it doesn’t quite mean the same thing when you’re clearly virtue signaling about it all beforehand, does it?

It also contains no small sense of irony, considering that Joe Biden, back in the days when he was a mere senator from Delaware, argued and filibustered for an entire two years just to keep a black woman from getting nominated to the US circuit court.

According to Breitbart News, and Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, Biden voted a total of three times against the Senate, confirming Janice Rogers Brown to the second-highest court in the nation. If approved, she would have been the second black woman to hold such a seat.

And yet, Biden fought tooth and nail for two long years to ensure that she didn’t get it.

Of course, he failed. As NBC News reported in 2005, enough centrists in the Senate finally agreed to confirm Brown, but only after making a deal to do so.

It’s also interesting to note that Biden used the filibuster to keep Brown from the Circuit Court bench, the single most attacked “Jim Crow era” tactic of the Senate. As you well know, Senate and House Dems are fighting hard to see this “tool of white supremacy” ended.

But back when it was useful to him, as his party was not in the majority, it was all well and good, even to keep those of color like Brown from being all that they could be.

Then, later that same year, with the retirement of then-Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, then-President George W. Bush seriously considered nominating Brown to replace her. This time, she would be the first-ever black woman on the High Court’s bench. However, in the end, now-Justice Samuel Alito was chosen instead, with the help of those like Biden who stood opposed to Brown’s confirmation.

Now-Justice Clarence Thomas, still the only second black man to serve on the High Court, was also nearly kept from being confirmed by Biden and his lackeys.

Of course, now that he’s in the White House and all about “inclusivity,” apparently, his ideas on who should be on the bench or not have changed.

Let’s just say it has nothing to do with such a woman’s accomplishments or personal achievements. His choice of Kamala Harris as his vice president should be proof enough of that.

In the year since the current administration has taken over, it’s been made abundant that Kamala is not the right person for the job. And yet, at the time, she checked all the right woke boxes. She’s a woman, of color, and liberal as all get out to boot.

The likelihood of the first black woman to hold a Supreme Court bench seat under Biden having all the right boxes checked is pretty high as well. But, like Kamala, the question will be whether or not she actually deserves the position.

Now, I’m not saying that whoever winds up getting confirmed won’t have accomplished such a historical task on their own merits. However, Biden’s recent insistence that she is black and a woman will obviously take away from any of her actual talents.

I mean, wouldn’t it mean that much more if the black woman to replace Breyer was chosen because of her exceptional qualifications and achievements, rather than what the color of her skin and gender can do for Biden?

If Biden is proving anything with virtue signaling like this, it’s that he is indeed inclusive of other races, but only when it suits his political needs.