Biden Has Given the Taliban $2.3 Billion Since His Humiliating Surrender to Them

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel /

Joe Biden’s surrender to the Taliban in 2021 has been one of the most humiliating foreign policy failures in modern history, and that’s saying a lot. In a further sign of hatred for Americans, it turns out that the Biden White House is still financing the Taliban. According to the latest report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Recovery (SIGAR), Biden has handed north of $2.3 billion to the Taliban. Despite the existence of an IG who is supposed to report on how the funds are spent, Biden has been withholding the paperwork and reports from investigators.

The Biden regime has sent all that money to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Afghanistan. The problem is that all the NGOs are now under the control of the Taliban. They kept the offices of Western NGOs open and simply installed their own loyalists. The UN is also sending cash that’s ending up in the hands of the Taliban.

Two years after Joe Biden surrendered the country to the Taliban, instead of following the wise withdrawal planned by the Trump administration that would have kept the Taliban out of control, the nation is in total chaos. The Taliban were never supposed to take control. When Joe Biden surrendered and pulled all US troops out, he then imposed sanctions on the Taliban.

How’d that work out? Well, close to 6 million Afghans are now on the verge of starvation. The Taliban control nearly every sector of the Afghan economy, including all the foreign aid that is pouring into the country. Back in April, SIGAR chief John Sopko told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that he “cannot assure this committee or the American taxpayer we are not currently funding the Taliban.”

Sopko added that the Biden regime has stonewalled his efforts to figure out where all the taxpayer money is flowing in Afghanistan. The UN is in the same boat, according to the report.

It says the Taliban are “pushing for ever-increasing degrees of credit and control over the delivery of aid from the UN. According to multiple UN officials across different agencies, the Taliban have effectively infiltrated and influenced most UN-managed assistance programming.”

In addition to the 6 million Afghans facing famine, another 28 million can no longer make a living there since Biden left the country as a failed state. The Taliban, for their part, have been accomplishing some things that the US military failed to do during 20 years of occupation.

The Islamic group has all but eradicated poppy production in the country. The sap of the poppy plant is used to make heroin and other opioids. Citing their religious convictions, teams of counter-narcotics brigades armed with nothing more than sticks have been cracking down on poppy farmers. They beat the farmers who protested and lit the fields on fire. Then, they tell the farmers they’ll be back to check later and make sure they’ve re-seeded with a different crop.

Since cracking down on the poppy fields started in 2022, the Taliban have reduced the amount of farmland dedicated to poppies by more than 99%. In Helmand Province, 52% of farmland was dedicated to poppies in 2022. According to satellite imaging, less than 1% of the province is growing poppies now. All of the poppy fields have been converted to wheat, which will help to stave off the famine that Joe Biden caused.

Why did we even have troops there for 20 years? The Taliban are walking around on foot and armed with sticks, and they’ve shut down the drug trade completely. It didn’t have to be this way. The Biden regime could have simply followed the plan that the Trump administration had in place.