Biden Gets Muted as His Mental Instability Gets Displayed

President Biden continues to say things off-script. It’s embarrassing for him, the administration, and the entire nation. Yet, those on Capitol Hill believe that he is the savior – and they’ll let him continue to embarrass us as opposed to disposing of him through the 25th Amendment.

It’s not surprising that it’s easier to mute the old fool than to get rid of him. After all, do we really want Kamala Harris running things? She’s proven to be just as useless as Biden.

We really have to wonder what it will take before the administration decides that they’ve had enough of Biden. His public appearances seem to get worse and worse. Yet, still, we roll him out and parade him around like the Village Idiot.

During the Flight 93 memorial on 9/11, we were supposed to have solemn remembrance. Biden had other plans. He decided to launch into a semi-incoherent speech about the working class of America. He made partisan attacks and was quick to defend all of the words he spouted.

Then, Biden headed to California so that he could back Governor Newsom for the recall vote. He held a quick briefing about wildfires and started to go off-script.

That’s when things took a turn for the worse.

Those in charge of Biden already messed up during the Flight 93 memorial by not turning his mic off when he went off-script. They weren’t about to let that happen again.

Biden turned around to one of the officials present at the briefing. “Can I ask you a question?” Then, like magic, the White House feed cuts off. We get the blue screen that says, “Thank you for Joining.”

We never got to hear the question that Biden asked – but we imagine it was quite a doozy.

C’mon. This is the President of the United States of America at a public briefing. We should be able to hear what he had to say.

It’s like when the White House cut his feed a few weeks back when he began taking questions from the press that he was obviously not cleared for. He ended up making a joke about the Americans still trapped in Afghanistan that left everyone cringing uncomfortably.

The question that Biden was going to ask during the briefing was one that we should have heard since the meeting clearly wasn’t over. It might not have been a ridiculous question – but obviously, the president isn’t stable enough to give the White House any confidence in that matter. It’s better to shut him down than to risk (another) national embarrassment.

What does this really say about our president at this point? He has to have handlers tell him what he can and cannot say. Those running the microphones and cameras have to be ready at a moment’s notice to cut the feed. They never know what he’s going to ask or who he’s going to insult.

We’ve got ourselves a mental patient as a president. There’s a reason why family members apologize when guests come over and interact with someone who has dementia – it’s anyone’s guess as to what they’re going to say. This is who we have running the country – a man with dementia who could say anything at any time. Gosh, that’s so much better than a few nasty tweets here and there, isn’t it?