Biden Demands Reporters “Debunk” Corruption Claims

As the impeachment trials in the Senate begin, it is assumed that the topic of possible corruption by former Vice President Joe Biden and/or his son Hunter Biden will be brought up. And naturally, Biden would not like to see his name or family smeared in any way. Therefore, his campaign team has delivered a memo to members of the press, instructing them on how they should respond when questions of such corruption come about.

Now is a very critical time for Team Biden. As the Senate deliberates over impeachment issues and virtually imprisons its members, it leaves the former VP to campaign nearly unopposed. Having his and his son’s names being associated with corruption, something the Democrats are working hard to prove Trump had a hand in, is something he desperately needs to avoid.

The case against the President claims that during one short phone call to the President of Ukraine, Trump asked the nation to look into possible corruption within its government, including at Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company of which Joe Biden’s son Hunter was on the board. It is also said that Trump delayed promised funding to Ukraine until this investigation was started.

However, it seems Joe Biden played a very similar role only a few years prior, but with much less honorable intentions.

Corruption has long been an issue of concern within the US-Ukraine relationship. During Obama’s administration, a prosecutor was appointed by Ukraine to investigate Burisma. At the time, Joe Biden had been appointed by Obama to negotiate with Ukraine on state matters.

So when Biden found out that someone was investigating the company his son worked for, he had the prosecutor fired. In addition, he threatened to not give America’s financial aid to Ukraine until the man was gone. There is even a video showing Biden boasting of doing such.

To say that Biden should be concerned about this and more coming to light is an extreme understatement.

But a memo to the press, demanding that corruption on either Biden’s part be buried? Smells a little fishy, doesn’t it?

I mean, why do you even need to tell the press what to say or how to say it unless you are trying to cover something up.

Furthermore, the memo isn’t a quick, ‘don’t talk bad about us or else’ kind of thing. It is a long and very detailed document, covering just about every possible charge that could be brought against the Bidens and how they should be handled.

But the memo, written by Biden’s campaign manager Kate Bedingfield, goes even one step farther. It states that anyone who fails to heed the warning of this memo will be charged with using journalistic “malpractice.” So if a reporter writes or says anything derogatory about the Biden’s, their career could be toast.

According to The Hill, “The Biden campaign said Trump’s efforts to spread the theory is the reason the president is being impeached and said it would be ‘malpractice’ for journalists to reference the allegations without also saying that they’ve been debunked, according to a copy of the memo obtained by The Hill.”

And so far, it seems that the press will comply. Evidence of this can be found no further than MSNBC’s Katy Tut and Heidi Przybla’s discussion earlier in the week.

Not only was Biden’s memo praised and used a threat against Trump, but the two also made sure to mention that “the entire premise of the argument is debunked. It is not just unsubstantiated.”

However, Przybla did still talk about Hunter Biden, even if she tried to wrap it up nicely at the end.

“Now, ethics experts I talked to in Ukraine say it was not ethical for Hunter to trade on his father’s name and sit on the board of an energy company when he doesn’t know much about energy. But was it illegal? No.”

So this is the point they are trying to make: Biden did nothing illegal. And that may be true. But then did Trump didn’t either. After all, all he did was supposedly want to get rid of corruption. Is that so wrong?

And if it is ok for either Biden to act that way, why is suddenly wrong for Trump to do the same?

Either way, it just doesn’t look good for a candidate to be making statements about how the press is or isn’t allowed to speak or write about them. Isn’t that the definition of free speech that the left works so hard to defend?