Biden “Committed” to Total WHO Pandemic Control Over America

kcube - kaan baytur /
kcube - kaan baytur /

One of Joe Biden’s underlings has admitted that the regime is moving full speed ahead to completely remove America’s sovereignty as a nation. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been working on a draft of an international treaty that would surrender national control to the WHO, in the event of another pandemic. Biden isn’t just having the US sit in on the meetings as the treaty is being drafted. His envoy to the WHO says Biden is “committed” to surrendering control of America to the WHO “for generations to come.”

For anyone unfamiliar with the WHO’s pandemic treaty, it’s an international agreement that during any future pandemic, an unelected board of globalist members of the WHO get to set public policy in all member nations. Congress and the courts would basically be null and void during a pandemic because the WHO would make all the rules. And that should terrify everyone.

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the WHO carried the water for Communist China from the very beginning. The WHO lied about the origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus, by propping up China’s lie that the virus came from someone eating a pangolin in a wet market, or possibly from bat soup. These lies from Communist China never made sense, because of the Level 4 military bioweapons lab just down the street from the wet market. But the WHO kept pushing the lie anyway, to please their masters in the CCP.

The WHO also praised China’s efforts at mitigating the spread of coronavirus as a model for the rest of the world. That should terrify everyone. China was welding people in their apartments and leaving them to starve to “slow the spread.” They also “disappeared” doctors who tried to speak out about the origins of the virus.

The ghouls at the WHO were also fans of Australia and New Zealand, which turned into police states during the pandemic. Those nations each locked down for a year or more, and set up concentration camps for anyone who wouldn’t submit to forced inoculation with the unsafe and ineffective COVID “vaccines.”

And who could forget Canadian dictator Justin Trudeau’s pandemic response, which the WHO also likes? Trudeau seized people’s bank accounts and vehicles if they protested the lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

Forced lockdowns, forced vaccinations, and brutal totalitarian responses to dissent. These were the pandemic responses that the WHO praised and appreciated the most. And that’s why the pandemic treaty should scare everyone.

Under the treaty, no signatory nation would be free to set its own policies during a future pandemic. The WHO sets the rules so there will be a “uniform response,” and the nations that sign off on the treaty no longer get any say in their own governance, until the pandemic ends.

Sweden, for example, famously did not lock down its economy or its schools. Despite taking a different approach to coronavirus from most other Western nations, Sweden suffered no consequences. They didn’t have more deaths per capita than all the countries that were locked down. That should be every country’s approach to future pandemics, not totalitarianism.

Biden’s envoy to the WHO, a woman named Pamela Hamamoto, says the draft of the treaty is not totalitarian enough to suit Joe Biden. She claims that it needs more “equity” written into the document. And we all know what that means: white people will receive health care after minority groups.

The Biden regime is calling the WHO document a “Pandemic Accord,” which is a tactic to avoid calling it a “treaty.” Treaties require supermajority approval in the US Senate for approval, while accords don’t. But make no mistake about it. The Pandemic Accord is a treaty, because it would destroy America’s sovereignty and the rule of law, and the WHO would eagerly suspend all of our civil liberties if it were suddenly placed in charge of the country. Everyone needs to tell their US Senators to fight this “accord” tooth and nail because it absolutely fits the definition of a treaty. Biden is hoping he can slip it through without needing Senate approval.