Biden Admin Encourages Hospitals to Lie About COVID ICU Numbers to Support Unconstitutional Forced Vaccinations

Our friends over at the Gateway Pundit have an exclusive report that has been provided by another COVID-19 whistleblower. Apparently, our long-held suspicions about political officials inflating numbers to meet their own personal interests have been proven to be true. We always knew that this was the case if we are being perfectly honest here.

The stories never added up at all. Josh Snider is someone who has worked in facilities management in the past. As a longtime employee at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, he is uniquely qualified to make certain determinations. “I watched our hospital administrators say in the media that our intensive care units were overflowing with COVID patients, at 98% capacity, knowing that it was a complete and utter lie,” he said.

Now, what are the liberals going to have to say about this? Snider also shared another insane revelation: the MBMC hospital had three floors in their intensive care unit shut down because they were not being used. This flies in the face of the mainstream media’s proclamations that all of the beds are being taken up.

The MBMC hospital is also a part of a far more massive annual network (which rakes in over $5 billion per year) within the Barnes Jewish hospital organization in St. Louis, Missouri. Snider was not done there, as he had some more revelations to share before all was said and done.

“And even after shutting down three-fourths of our ICU capacity, they were still never more than 50% full with that drastically reduced overall capacity. These medical systems that are saying they are overrun with COVID patients are likely LYING TO THE PUBLIC,” he continued. This is a man who is dedicated to speaking truth to power, no matter what. We can respect that.

After spending the whole pandemic trying to explain all of this to people, we love seeing the information come to light in such an indisputable manner. The MBMC has refused to comment on this story, as most would expect. Snider is blowing the doors off this whole thing, revealing that the ICU at this hospital once had a singular COVID patient to care for.

“I would have to adjust the airflow in some of the rooms of people in the ICU with COVID, they were fine. I believe in COVID, I know it’s serious, but I also personally saw people who were fine, they had a terminal case of boredom. I spoke with these people and they weren’t sick at all, they felt fine but were told they had to stay there. Many brought their PlayStations with them to waste away the days with video games instead,” Snider shared.

These stories make us so angry. Why should the American people have to endure these types of lies and deceptions from the people who they should be trusting most? There is already a deep sense of mistrust when it comes to how the average American regards the medical system. Stories like this one are only going to serve to make things even worse.

MBMC’s hospital chain has even posted charts that help to bolster Snider’s claims. The insider charts that Snider has access to are explosive, to say the least. While you can head to the Gateway Pundit to check out all of the chart discrepancies for yourself, we are going to leave you with one last quote from Snider himself.

“The real flu season in the hospital was always more serious than COVID has been,” said Snider. “Flu season in a hospital is very challenging, and even the tamest flu season in years past was still worse than COVID has been so far. The people who have been suffering and sadly dying are clearly people who are hundreds of pounds overweight, and people with multiple other co-morbidities like stage 4 cancer. I’m not a Doctor, but the response and panic to this virus is clearly wildly disproportionate to reality.”