Banning Digital New York Times in Libraries

A five-member Library county board voted in October to end the digital subscription to the New York Times, which allows libraries in the county to pull up the online “fake news” media outlet.  This decision by the Citrus County Commissioners angered the public.

It began drawing national attention since the end of last week.  Tuesday, the board revisited its decision due to the outrage of crazy liberals who went so far as to threaten the council members.  It was not until the Liberals made a huge stink about it before the media began spreading its tentacles across the nation.

The chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, Jeff Kinnar, had this to say, “One of the most, if not the most, disappointing aspects of all of this has been the vitriol that has come about so quickly.  I have gotten more foul language in my emails in the last 48 hours than I have gotten in the past three years.”

The five-member board, which holds their meetings 75 miles north of Tampa, Florida, was not going to deal with the anger and criticism from the public until their next meeting, which will be held November 19.

Commissioner Jimmie Smith told the critics Tuesday, “Come back during the next meeting when it’s on the agenda.  I don’t expect us all to agree on all these issues. But let’s have a civil conversation. Stop the name-calling.”

On the same day of the October meeting, the White House told all federal agencies to end the New York Times subscriptions and the Washington Post subscriptions.  The White House ordered this due to those are the two most critical of President Donald Trump.

The libraries didn’t need to cancel the subscriptions.  Still, the committee agreed it was best to follow through to keep everything real since it was proven the New York Times posted “fake news.”

USA Today, The Washington Post and the Citrus County Chronicle made everything national news when they requested the board rethink their decision on banning The New York Times digital media.  The Citrus County Chronicle wrote in their Sunday editorial, “If you attended the meeting or watched the video, it was clear that the reason for rejection wasn’t fully fiscal; it was personal.

Only one out of the five members of the board was rejected when they pulled their motion from the floor after the other members stepped up under Secon Vice Chairman Scott Carnahan rebuked the motion.  Carnahan called out, “Fake News!  I will not be voting for this!”

Library Services Director Eric Head stated, according to the Chronicle, “The county already pays about $3,000 a year to supply the 70,000 cardholders of its four regional libraries with the print edition of The Times.”

There are two reasons the White House ordered their workers from the two outlets, and they are both apparent.  The first one is due to the lies which were written about President Trump.  The New York Times had to go back and apologize to the readers for printing false information on the president.

The Washington Post also wrote incorrect information on the president, and they are currently being sued by Nick Sandmann, the student from Covington High School, for defamation.  The second reason is that it is a waste of money to have subscriptions for “fake news.”  It saves money just to drop the news outlets.

The board members for the committee decided to drop the subscriptions for the same reasons.  However, Liberals will be Liberals and stir trouble any way they can.  Following the “fake news” explains some of their actions.

Those who follow the news religiously have their minds poisoned from the Left’s agenda.  It will never justify disrespecting or making threats to anyone on the committee.  They are just caught in their childish ways of crying to get what they want.  It is not like it cost them anything because the Library paid for the subscriptions.

For the one member who put the motion on the floor to revisit the ruling, they are like the Democrats who follow their volatile leaders within the party.  Very few Democrats mean well, and their hearts may be in the right place, but following the crowd is just as wrong.

The member retracted their motion once they were shown it is not in the committee or the Library’s best interest.  Many Conservatives in America wish it worked that way in Congress, where someone would open the Left’s eyes to wake them up.