Bangladeshi National Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Illegals into US

Human smuggling is just one of the wars that border agents have to fight against every day. They have to watch for drugs, illegals crossing the border and human smuggling. Bring another human across the border into the United States is just one of the issues with smuggling.

Children are turning up missing all across the nation because they are going to be sold into sex slavery. President Trump has vowed a crackdown on the practice and as a result, many kids have been found and set free.

Money is the biggest lure for people to engage in human smuggling. They can earn a lot more money at it than working a regular job. This is one reason why so many kids engage in drug smuggling for the drug cartels.

They get paid a bunch of money to run drugs into America. Once the drop has been made and it is verified, then they are paid. It is a sad story to tell but people need to be aware of what is happening to these kids that are leaving home or disappearing from their yards.

A man from Bangladesh has stated in court that he is guilty of human smuggling. He would work with others from his country to bring people into the United States that would pay him for his services. It is all about the money. Mohamad Milon Hossain has fallen in love with money and is willing to do anything to get it.

Human smugglers do not care about the lives that they are transporting. They simply collect the money and then roughly force the people to obey them as they attempt to bring them across the border. If the group is caught, many times the guide will flee and leave the people to be picked up by the police. He gets away and he gets to keep the money.

Hossain has admitted that for over two years he brought illegals into the country. His point of entry was a port in Texas. The court documents stated that he plead guilty to the charges.

Special Agent Shane Folden is the one that is in charge of the matter has stated that “This plea is a clear statement that defendants who smuggle illegal aliens across the United States border for profit will face consequences in a U.S. courtroom. HSI remains committed in aggressively investigating and prosecuting members of transnational criminal organizations that exploit and endanger the people they smuggle into the United States.  We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners both domestic and international to maintain the integrity of our border and the safety of our communities.”

Border agents have the responsibility of patrolling both sides of the border. They have to engage every single person coming into the country. When the agents confront a person they never know what they are going to find. They might run into a drug runner or a violent kidnaper that had just taken a child and stashed her in an unknown location. They are always watching.

Hossain had to get creative to get away with his crime for two years. His base of operation was out of Tapachula, Mexico. This was found to be his place of residence and where he would keep the people that were paying him to move them across the border.

This man would even fly people to his location and do other things to bring the money to himself. Once on the scene, the illegals would be at the call of the Hossain who would move them when the time was right.

Hossain worked with contact as they moved the people. Every single person that he brought into the country was a major risk to the country. The Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski would say about the matter that “Hossain’s brazen scheme to smuggle Bangladeshi aliens into the United States put our national security at risk. This guilty plea underscores the department’s commitment to working with our law enforcement partners here and abroad to disrupt the flow of illegal aliens into the United States and bring human smugglers to justice.”

Law enforcement continues to do its job. President Trump has given them the tools they need to do it well. Their efforts are making a difference as they stop the drugs and rescue the kids.