AZ Governor’s Press Secretary Resigns After Encouraging Trans Violence Against Christians

Chinnapong /
Chinnapong /

The Democrat Party’s response to Monday’s tragic school shooting in Nashville, TN was absolutely unhinged. We’re used to Democrats instantly calling for gun control whenever a child dies in a school shooting. But in this case, many Democrats have openly declared that the children deserved to die for being Christians. It was gross. One example was the Arizona Governor’s Press Secretary, who lost her job because of her unhinged attack on the victims.

Josselyn Berry hadn’t even been on the job for very long. She’d been Gov. Katie Hobbs’ press secretary since January when the new administration was sworn in after stealing the 2022 midterm election from Kari Lake.

Immediately after the news broke that three 9-year-olds and three adults had been murdered by a transgender lunatic, Berry tweeted the message, “Us when we see transphobes.” The message was accompanied by a picture of a woman with a pistol in each hand. It was deranged, not to mention tone-deaf in the wake of a tragedy.

Twitter removed the offensive tweet advocating the murder of Christian children because it’s a violation of the new terms of service under Elon Musk. But plenty of people took screenshots of it and asked Katie Hobbs if she supports murdering Christian children like her press secretary obviously does.

The next day, Berry submitted her resignation letter to the governor, which is how Democrats always leave government positions. She “resigned.” Which sort of tells you that Gov. Hobbs probably does support Berry’s position. If she had actually been as offended by it as everyone else is, Katie Hobbs would have immediately fired her press secretary.

This is part of a wider trend that is radicalizing mentally unbalanced Democrats like the Nashville shooter. When you falsely keep telling a group that is already mentally unstable that there’s an ongoing genocide against them, eventually some of them are going to snap and start shooting innocents.