Attack of the Iranians

Abraham Lincoln

Iran is making aggressive moves against the United States with the purpose of pushing a confrontation. The United States Navy has verified that Iran sent 18 different fast ships to harass the USS Abraham Lincoln, which is an aircraft carrier of America.

The carrier is in the Strait of Hormuz to keep the cowardly nation of Iran from attacking other ships. There is no doubt now that Iran is wanting to start a war. The question is whether they are grown up enough to handle the consequences of one?

The Navy used satellites to determine that the small boats were sent from Iran. They were found to be sailing near or around the Abraham Lincoln. Iran can only play cat and mouse games. They know if their fleet engages the American fleet that they will suffer major losses.

The fleet is old and cannot be replaced as easily as American ships can be. The little ships were copying the carrier hoping to elicit a response from them. But the resolve of the commander of the fleet did not play into their hands.

The United States has placed three ships near the Strait of Hormuz because of the importance that it plays for the world’s economy. Iran has already threatened to shut it all down but has so far to act on their meaningless threats.

The only thing that Iran has done was to attack a few defenseless tankers and few staffed oil fields. Their drive and ambitions of world dominance are mixed with fear of an assault by the United States. Iran is responsible for attacking the energy market because theirs has been shut down because of their desire to produce nuclear weapons.

President Trump has deployed thousands of troops and resources to enhance security in the area. He simply will not let tiny Iran threaten innocent people around the world because they are insecure about themselves.

Iran is now moving to social media trying to fuel the thought that they are intimidating the United States. They have been stating that their tiny vessels have pushed the American fleet out of Iranian water. But the truth is that they dare not engage or all of their 20 ships would have been sent to the bottom of the ocean.

The pattern of the American ships is normal deployment, the Navy has stated. To them, there was no cause for concern because Iran is not a threat to the American military. Navy Commander Joshua Frey stated that “During the transit, multiple Iranian vessels followed the US ships through the strait. Their activity was within normal behavior patterns for Iran and did not threaten the Abe [Abraham Lincoln] strike group.”

Iran was simply testing the ships. They wanted to see what they would do. The United States Navy will not attack unless ordered or provoked. Had the ships gotten closer than they did and posed a threat, then the guns of the fleet would have fired on them. He went on to say that “Interaction between US and Iranian vessels was limited to routine queries via bridge to bridge radio.” Iran is just a bunch of hot air trying to upset a lot of people.

Iran is curious as to the intent and strength of the fleet. They have no reliable intel on American forces, so they have to send their people out to test and observe. There is only so much that they can see from a distance.

The tiny ships that followed the fleet were no threat. Just like Iran is not a threat to the mighty United States. The other major nations of the world have yet to take a stand on the matter. Many of them are just afraid to take the stand because they are all about popularity. They do not want to incur a negative image by doing the right thing.

It is a good thing that President Trump does not care about the image. He only wants to do what is right. Stopping Iran and other bully nations is a top priority when they start to threaten American lives. The devilish Democrats would kill Americans just to keep relations good between enemies. They are not fit to lead the nation.