Army Soldier Arrested After Sharing “How To Make A Bomb” Online

Well, there are certain things soldiers should and shouldn’t be doing. When they violate those things, it spells big trouble.

Jarrett William Smith is a 24-year-old private first class soldier currently stationed at Fort Riley in Kansas. He was recently arrested after discussing a possible bomb attack with an FBI informant.

Smith was looking to target left-leaning activists with a bomb that would detonate using a cellphone. He shared the bomb-making instructions online, too, making it easier for other people to know how to take action against those who lean a little too far to the left, too.

Currently, Smith has been ordered to remain in custody. Thomas Bartee, his defense attorney, has not responded to any questions.

The criminal complaint that has come in alleges that Smith was discussing his plan about killing “Antifa,” the far-left leaning activists. Additionally, he described in detail how to build a bomb that would trigger by placing a call to a cell phone.

Further, he posted on Facebook about being interested in traveling to Ukraine so that he could fight with a paramilitary group that goes by the name of Azov Batallion.

Smith, according to court papers, was also suggested targeting a major news network using a car bomb. The name of the news network was not identified in the papers.

Smith seemed to be quite busy in terms of talking about making bombs and what he would do with these. There was an alleged discussion in an online chat group about planning an attack in the United States.

He was hoping to find other “radicals” like himself. His discussions included destroying a local news station or nearby cell towers.

Prior to his arrest, Smith told investigators during an interview that he knew how to make improvised explosive devices. He also disclosed that he routinely provides instruction on how to build them. The reason for doing this was to create chaos. He felt that it would not affect him if the chaos led to people dying.

According to Lieut. Col. Terry Kelley, who sits over the First Infantry Division Public Affairs at Fort Riley, identified that Smith was assigned to the base beginning in June 2019.

Prior to that, he served at Fort Bliss in Texas for nearly 2 years. He has not been deployed overseas as of yet in his military career.

There is an exchange with an FBI undercover agent where Smith talked about household chemicals and readily available equipment that could be used to make a bomb.

He is quoted with explaining that AK-47s can be made easily. He likened it to going to Walmart as opposed to a gun store in order to buy weapons.

Smith supposedly sent to the FBI agent instructions on how to build a Middle Eastern-style bomb that would be capable of destroying US military vehicles.

Later, an FBI bomb technician determined that the instructions that Smith provided could have actually constructed a device to do that.

It’s Smith is convicted, he could face up to 20 years in prison as well as a fine of up to $250,000. There have been a number of people charged with activities that could potentially lead to domestic terrorism – and some are either current or former members of the US military.

Many of these extremists feel that it is up to them in order to control the left-leaning progressives who are making laws. When the undercover agent with the FBI asked Smith if anyone in Texas was fit for “fire, destruction, and death,” Smith made a reference to Beto O’Rourke.

O’Rourke, who is from Texas and a current presidential candidate, is a left-leaning politician. Smith also explained that outside of Beto, he doesn’t know if there are enough relevant people to cause a change if they died. While this is not a direct threat against Beto O’Rourke, it is definitely something that needs to be carefully watched.

Perhaps one of the most victorious domestic terrorists in US history was stationed at Fort Riley prior to leaving the Army. That would be Timothy McVeigh, who was responsible for killing 160 people in 1995 during the Oklahoma City bombing.

Politicians continue to split the American people with the far left-leaning activists who want to change everything that America stands for. Smith will be kissing his military career goodbye due to his approach to the left-leaning activists.

There were plenty of legal ways that he could have approached this, including choosing to run for office instead of educating people on how to build bombs and threatening the US with a domestic terrorism act.