AOC Plays Race Card Against “GOP’s Little Flash Mob’

Just when the world takes a deep breath of relief from having to listen to Ocasio-Cortez she opens her mouth again. The Republicans made a point when they stormed through a door that housed the secret questioning of so-called witnesses to the president’s phone calls and dealings with foreign nations. The point was that the meetings need to be held in public for transparency and reliability. Adam Schiff has already lied about certain key factors that put a big question mark on the rest of the investigation.

Ocasio-Cortez is known for her subtle yet stupid remarks about things that she has no understanding. She was quick to open her mouth and say “There have been many aspects of the GOP’s little flash mob that have relied on mountains of entitlement and privilege, but them *asking* the police to be arrested is just… ” Please Ocasio-Cortez finish your statement. The world wants to know what stupid name you were planning on calling your opposition.

What she calls a “flash mob” is an accountability group. They were coming to make sure that the Democrats are living up to their agreements, and they are not putting words into the witness’s mouths. The dumb Democrats want to keep things secret. But the country has the right to know what their elected officials are doing. It is time for the nation to hear the nastiness of the Democratic party as they speak to people.

Ocasio-Cortez’s statement is full of bigotry and misunderstandings. She is a reverse-discriminationist that believes that people of lighter complexion are racist. She has no clue what racism is. She has never had to go through it. She needs to stop perpetuating the issue so it can finally die. But dumb Democrats want the racist card to be played, so they can continue to manipulate people into believing that they are the heroes of the minority. They are vipers that want to take advantage of the minority for their gain.

She went on to say “Well, let’s just say my community would find it hard to understand why ‘anyone’ would ask to be arrested.” If she does not understand the concept of false arrests, then her community needs someone better. The Republican’s that made that statement would have proved once and for all that the stupid media and the idiotic Democrats are witch-hunting the president. The minute the cops took them into custody would have ended the Democratic party forever.

Ocasio-Cortez cannot get her little pea-sized brain off of entitlements and privilege. If anything, she is taking advantage of privilege and entitlements by exploiting taxpayers of their money by sitting a chair and wasting time. For two long years, the nation has had to endure the torture of her presence in Congress. They have had to listen to her demonic squeaky voice as she speaks. The nation is ready for her to be quieted.

Ocasio-Cortez sees difficulties as racist pressure that should never come her way. She sees her “people” as people that struggle. She is a spoiled little brat that believes she is the only one that struggles with things in her life. The world is full of struggles. Just because some people have overcome their struggles doesn’t mean they are racist. She is just a jealous brat that wants everything handed to her a golden platter.

In a way, she has moved to the front of news to prove one thing that she is just a child that cannot get over that things in life change with age. She stated that “Sudden prominence is a very dehumanizing experience. There’s a part of your life that you lose, & it later dawns on you that you’ll never get it back.”

What she just said makes rational people puke. In some sad way, she has tried to spiritualize her life. She is trying to appear to be a saint. When in life she is a demon that seeks to hurt people and put them down with death threats. If she truly cared about people, she would fight for Amazon to build their plant in her community instead of fighting against them.