AOC Gets Even More Hypocritical by Supporting Protest

It is simply amazing to me just how blind people can be towards their own actions or the actions of those they support. And yet, when one of their supposed enemies does the same thing, they are the first to point out blame and shame.

I find this to be exceptionally true in politics, and New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is especially guilty.

If you watched just about any football this past week, you would have likely heard about what happened during “The Game” between Ivy League giant rivals Harvard and Yale.

As The Harvard Crimson reported, “the 136th edition of The Game came to a halt on Saturday when hundreds of people stormed the field during halftime, calling on Harvard and Yale to divest their endowments from fossil fuels and Puerto Rican debt.”

Yes, a football game was interrupted for “climate change” protests.

“Dozens of protesters started running on the field roughly three minutes before halftime ended and unfurled banned calling for divestment. Several hundred spectators joined the protesters as they staged a sit-in and chanted ‘Divest.’

The demonstration continued for about half an hour on the field until police officers arrested some protesters – who insisted they would not leave the field – and charged them with disorderly conduct. Protesters continued their chants off the field near the entrance gate to the stadium,” the newspaper said.

But is that wasn’t enough; you have to read this report.

ESPN’s Matt Barrie also reported on the occurrence, tweeting, “the protestors have told police they want to be arrested. So police have tied them together, two at a time, and are taking them off the field. Kickoff in about 10-mins.”

Some might find the idea of wanting to be arrested, not very sound. However, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez does not. She, in fact, applauded their efforts to support climate change. She tweeted out, “Activism disrupts the present to change the future,” with a link to an article about the protest.

However, we think it is important to note that she has not always felt such pride for Americans wanting to be arrested. In fact, just last month, in October, she criticized several of her Republican colleagues for acting in the same manner.

As you well know, during this time, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff was conducting closed-door hearings in SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities) rooms. This basically means that no cell phones, electronic devices, or any way to record what was going on were allowed.

Republicans had had enough, and so a group of congressmen broke into one of these rooms on several occasions to make sure what was going on inside was known to all.

Members of this group ordered pizza, used their cell phones, tweeted, and yes, even demanded to be arrested for their violations, according to the Daily Wire.

I can’t think of how this is any different than what these college students did during the Harvard-Yale football game. And yet, Miss AOC didn’t seem to like it.

In fact, she even tweeted out her indignation towards it.

“There have been many aspects of the GOP’s little flash mob that have relied on mountains of entitlement and privilege, but them *asking* the police to be arrested is just… Well, let’s just say my community would find it hard to understand why *anyone* would ask to be arrested.”

If this is true, then I find it hard to understand why anyone in her community would support her supporting entitled Yale students.

Furthermore, there is one significant difference here. None of those Republican congressmen actually got arrested. If they had, what would it have said about the Democrats? Let’s just say it wouldn’t be good.

As Fox News reported, “There was never any threat of arrest, but a source said some members asked to be arrested, citing the optics of being marched out of the SCIF in handcuffs in front of throngs of reporters and news cameras. That would have surely supported a running GOP narrative the Democrats have run amok with the impeachment process.”

So which action is really more about world change?

A bunch of entitled rich kids saying no to gasoline by delaying a football game by a half-hour or United States congressmen making sure world knew what was going on behind closed doors during one of the most critical political hearings of our century?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s whatever AOC doesn’t think positively of.