Another Doctor Questions Biden’s Fitness for Office

Gints Ivuskans /
Gints Ivuskans /

We’ve all done it: questioned Democratic President Joe Biden’s mental, if not physical, fitness for office over the past couple of years. And now, there are at least two doctors who are demanding that some tests be run.

At the ripe old age of 80, Biden is showing some definite signs of aging, with most of them being mentally oriented. Sure, he’s also taken a few spills since he assumed control of the Oval Office, causing his physical health to come into question a time or two. Enough so that the Biden White House has promised a release of his physical exam results by the end of 2022.

Of course, that hasn’t happened yet… but that’s not the real concern, is it?

For the most part, the signs and symptoms he exhibits speak to that of mental decline, if not all-out dementia.

I mean, how many times can he forget someone’s name, which is rather close to him? How often can he lose his thought process mid-word or sentence?

Key political figures are lost to him most days. He can’t help but tell tall tales as if he can’t decipher between truth and fiction. And don’t even get me started on the nearly incomprehensible language he’s created for himself. To be clear, his constant blunders no longer fall under the excuse of a childhood stutter.

And certain prominent doctors are noticing.

The most recent of which is Representative Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee. Yes, I know he’s a congressman now. But before his time in the House of Representatives, he spent a good portion of his working life as a doctor – a physician, to be more exact.

And according to him, it’s time the White House finally backed up its promise of transparency and gave the American public some insight into just how stable Biden’s physical and mental health really is.

“I think it would be important to see a very thorough and comprehensive cognitive function study that is released with transparency to the general public,” he told The Washington Examiner.

He added that it is the people’s right to know such things. After all, Biden is supposed to be able to keep our nation both safe and secure at the highest levels. We need to know if he’s capable of such.

And I, for one, wholeheartedly agree.

I mean, when we elect leadership for any purpose or title, it is done so under the assumption that whoever is chosen can, in fact, carry out the tasks that the job requires. These candidates even spend months, if not years, at a time attempting to prove just that to us, making promises and having their every word and action put under a microscope.

It is also why we have such things in place as the 25th Amendment, which basically ensures that should a president become incapacitated, whether it be because of a simple upcoming surgery or mental illness, someone else who is proven to be more capable can take over, at least for the moment.

And you would think that this would be even more crucial for a man like Biden or even his staff, who ran on a ticket of supposed transparency. But, as usual, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, power and more power seem to be all that matters, even if the man who’s supposedly at the top isn’t capable of doing his job.

And DesJarlais isn’t the only one to have noticed the inconsistencies.

Another anonymous senior GOP official asked the outlet, “Where is Biden?” They noted that, for the most part, Biden is strangely absent. And time and time again, when the press secretary or other admin officials are asked about it, they “dodge, deflect and delay.”

You might have also heard of Representative Ronny Jackson’s criticism of Biden’s mental health. Jackson, like DesJarlais, was also a physician. In fact, he was the White House doctor not only for President Donald Trump but also for Barack Obama.

And according to him, Biden is “NOT FIT to work the counter and Ben and Jerry’s, let alone to be our Commander in Chief!!!” As such, he’s demanded that a cognitive test be taken and the results released immediately, or Biden should resign.

Again, I can’t agree more. How about you?