Afroman Faces Lawsuit After Cops Fail To Make Charges Stick and Get Caught Trying To Steal From Him

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The man behind hits “Because I Got High,” and “Colt 45 & Two Zig Zags,” among other songs has been a target for law enforcement officials since he burst into the music scene in 2001. His pro-marijuana, anti-law enforcement message spread like wildfire across the country, and many teens and college-aged kids identified with the message easily. This attention from the public put him squarely in the crosshairs of anti-marijuana activists as well as law enforcement officials.

Back in April 2022, his history of marijuana use combined with rumors of improprieties led to a warrant being issued to raid his Ohio home. On the warrant, they claimed, “probable cause” that they would find evidence of drugs and paraphernalia on the property of Joseph “Afroman” Foreman. Authorities also said that human trafficking and kidnapping had also taken place on the property. However, those accusations turned out to be false.

In response, Afroman made the most of the situation and his advanced surveillance system to use the images of the seven plaintiffs from their fruitless invasion to market his music videos and tours. Now, the four deputies, two sergeants, and a detective with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office claim that the use caused them “emotional distress, embarrassment, ridicule, loss of reputation and humiliation.”

In a quest to even things up, they want Afroman to turn over the profits from his use of their likeness without their permission. This means songs, music videos, and concert tickets. Plus, they claim the “Afroman” brand of beer, marijuana, and merchandise profits also should be theirs. Additionally, they have requested an injunction to have any and all videos and posts containing their likeness removed. Foreman meanwhile is vowing to countersue “for the undeniable damage this had on my clients, family, career, and property.”

Making this case ultimately more interesting is the counter-allegations from Afroman.

With the allegations ultimately proven to be unfounded and no probative criminal evidence discovered, Afroman expected to get everything back. However, when the cash that they gathered as “evidence” was returned, he discovered that the amount returned to him was hundreds of dollars short. Upon a thorough investigation by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, it was discovered that deputies did not perform an accurate count of cash seized during the raid.

This raises a terrific question about the way the police conducted themselves while they raised his modest home. Anywhere that regularly deals with money over 100 dollars uses a money counter. From your local bank branch to casinos, to accounting offices of dispensaries, to criminal enterprises- when counting cash and being accurate is a must these groups don’t trust human eyes and hands to do it right all the time.

Yet, these law enforcement professionals must have missed this memo in training. Making a mistake by hundreds of dollars of a victim’s property is not only a horrible mistake, but in many jurisdictions, this can be a criminal offense. Depending on what the suit uncovers, these cops could quickly find themselves facing charges of attempted theft or worse. Shockingly, he has been treating them with a level of respect they failed to show him.

While law enforcement agencies have largely left marijuana alone for the last 15 years, the outspoken nature of Afroman and made-up tales of him kidnapping women made this small Ohio jurisdiction change their minds and go the opposite way. They knew with the current status of marijuana and the overwhelming changes going on they could no longer push him out of town on that alone, so these “anonymous” tips would be more than enough to take advantage of his success and message.

As much as this may sound like liberal politics this could be the furthest thing from it. This is yet again another example of the liberal government overreaching when things aren’t going their way. As Afroman has refused to roll up the rug and get out of town they tried to intimidate him into leaving town and rob him for good measure. Sound familiar?