Adam Schiff to be Ousted by Popular 90’s Child Actor?

Danny Liao Photography /
Danny Liao Photography /

Cory Matthews for Congress… Yes, I mean that Cory Matthews, the popular 90’s sitcom “Boy Meets World” child actor. Well, actually, as you likely know, his real name is Ben Savage. But he indeed does seem to be making a run for the US Congress, according to FEC filings made on January 18.

And you won’t believe who he’s going to try and unseat: Adam Schiff. You know, one of Nancy Pelosi’s key lackeys and the man who made an entire career out of his so-called claim that former President Donald Trump is a criminal.

Now to be clear, Schiff seems entirely interested in vacating his seat voluntarily, should he win the seat assumed to soon be left open by the aging senator Diane Feinstein. While Feinstein hasn’t made any announcements about her future or when she will retire, as the Senate’s oldest member, she isn’t expected to remain in her seat of power for all that much longer.

And naturally, scurrying and power-hungry rats like Adam Schiff are all too eager to see her go, given that they might get her seat, of course.

Naturally, should Schiff win his bid to the US Senate, which hasn’t been officially announced either, that would create a power vacuum of sorts. No doubt there would be several who would vie for his current position.

It just seems that Savage will be one of them.

Unsurprisingly, both for an actor and one who resides in California’s 30th District, Savage will be running as a Democrat. You might consider that to be a bad thing, initially.

However, as you well know, the entire state is not one where Republicans, let alone conservatives do very well. And in West Hollywood, you can bet that if you don’t have at least some strong Democratic ties, you won’t go very far at all. Needless to say, Savage would have to be a Democrat to win.

But that doesn’t mean all is lost or that we shouldn’t want him in that position, necessarily.

For starters, just about anyone has to be better than Schiff, right?

And secondly, according to Savage’s history, he seems to actually want what is best for the community and not just what the liberal agenda demands.

While Savage hasn’t yet made any official announcements or put up a website to campaign off of, there are some telltale signs that prove he’s a man who wants better for what his community has now.

For that, we take you to one of the man’s only online presences, a website devoted to his campaign for West Hollywood’s City Council. Now, Savage didn’t end up winning his bid for that seat. But the site still does offer some insight into the kind of things a Congressional run might include for him.

One post reads, “I am running for City Council because there are serious challenges ahead and West Hollywood deserves sensible, honest and strong leadership to face them.” He then went on to explain that some of those main concerns are public safety, inflation, and the rising cost of housing.
According to him, those in charge have been doing the same things with little to no better results for decades. And it’s time for a change.

Additionally, as Savage’s representative, Justin Baxter, told EW, the actor is “always looking for opportunities to give back and serve the community.”

I’m pretty sure we cannot say the same for Adam Schiff. All he seems to want to do is take, take, take. And when he doesn’t get his way, you can be sure the whole world will hear about it, and someone else will be to blame.

Another interesting tidbit is that unlike Schiff and most in politics, Savage doesn’t seem to have an affinity for social media posturing. In fact, the only Twitter account under his name hasn’t had a post made to it since 2018.

Then again, in this day and age, the lack of social media might end up hurting any kind of election he may or may not plan on joining.